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7.21 Friday (Jazz / Rock) Nectar & The PBJ Present: SKERIK'S BANDALABRA with SCOTT PEMBERTON BAND adv / dos 8pm doors 9pm show 21+ Nectar Lounge 412 N 36th St BOOTH RESERVATIONS NOW AVAILABLE! We are a majority standing-area venue with seating on our heated and covered patio as well as our newly remodeled mezzanine.  All seating is first come first serve however, we do have eight booths available for reservations on our mezzanine. Booths 1-6 seat two to four people, booth 7 seats five and booth 8 seats six to eight. All table reservations are now made at checkout.  Booth reservations are sold on a first come first serve basis. Reserve multiple booths for larger parties and we will seat you together. See "Additional Items" on the bottom of checkout page for available booths. If you do not see “Additional Items” unfortunately all booths are SOLD OUT. We try our best to guarantee your reservation all night, though we ask you to arrive within 2 hours after doors open. We no longer reserve high top tables behind booths but we encourage people to arrive early to claim available space. We offer food service once doors officially open.  See listing above for specific door time. SKERIK'S BANDALABRA Website Skerik's Bandalabra is composed of four Seattle musicians:Skerik-saxDvonne Lewis-drumsEvan Flory-Barnes-bassAndy Coe-guitar.The group's message is rhythm, Fela meets Steve Reich in rock's backyard. Dance and listen.Skerik, the endearingly saxophonic, punk jazz iconoclast, introduces his latest project Bandalabra. Joining him are three of his fellow Seattle hometown's most revered players: Andy Coe on electric guitar, Evan Flory-Barnes on upright bass and Dvonne Lewis on drums. In Skerik's words, Bandalabra is intended to conjure the sounds of "Fela Kuti meeting Steve Reich in rock's backyard." A bold assertion, but one for which the music bears witness. Together, the quartet syncopates and snakes, floats free and snaps tight with hypnotic afrobeat rhythms, minimalist canons and improvised harmonics. There's a duality that demands listeners both dance communally and get lost in their daydreams. On their debut album 'Live At The Royal Room,' captured at the band's first ever public performance, the foursome head into the deep unknown, creating music in the moment for over 60 minutes straight. Halfway through the evening, they hit upon the illest of psych grooves, one later dubbed "Beast Crusher." Here the visceral and cerebral become one, the music explodes into the Northwest skies and Skerik's Bandalabra is born into the world a fully realized vision. SCOTT PEMBERTON BAND Website Soundcloud Facebook Many master guitarists find their homes within a specific genre, perfecting the ins andouts of their chosen musical realm until their names become synonymous with the veryart form. Portland's Scott Pemberton is not your average guitarist. He's a musical nomad. Hishome isn't in one comfortable bubble, but rather spread across genres. One moment, he'sshredding through the blues. Then next, he's living in a classic rock world, or driftingmelodically through an ethereal psychedelic plane. Maybe he's leading a dirty funk jam,or experimenting with something heavier, or sitting back on a jazz odyssey. Regardless of genre, though, Pemberton's musical journey is marked by twounmistakeable realities: You always know when you're hearing a Scott Pemberton song.And you're always going to be captivated. A Portland native, Pemberton and his guitar have been inseparable since the musicianwas in his teens, and he quickly established himself as an integral to the city's musicalfabric, sitting in on studio sessions, becoming a fixture at jazz and rock clubs, and takingguitar teaching positions at Lewis & Clark College and Reed College at age 21. So mucha part of Portland's fabric is Pemberton that the city's famous Voodoo Donutes gifted hima custom guitar-shaped donut for his birthday. Beyond stages both local and international, his music has found its way into variousmovies, television programs and advertisements (Nike, Coke, Jaguar, and NASCAR adshave been propelled by his distinctive melodies), and his funky guitar work has led tocollaborations with legendary drummers such as Motown's Mel Brown and BernardPurdie, AKA "the world's most recorded drummer." He's played prime spots at majorfestivals across the U.S. and Canada, hit #4 on Billboard's Tastemakers' charts andranked among the top performers on Jambase, peaking at #2 during the High SierraMusic Festival, where he stormed the stage. Even more remarkable than Pemberton's quick ascent to a superhero on the axe, though,is his second act. Most musicians are lucky to find their talent in the first place. ForPemberton, his love affair with his guitar received a rebirth following a bike accident thatnearly ended his life and caused a traumatic brain injury, a life-changing event that wouldhave grounded most artists. For Pemberton, it only fueled his musical drive. Duringrehabilitation, the guitarist rediscovered his gift, and emerged with a strong new vision asan artist. Exploding back into the public consciousness stronger, sharper and more dedicated thanever, Pemberton released his eclectic debut, Sugar Mama, produced by Los Lobos saxplayer Steve Berlin and featuring a bevy of guest performers including legendarybluesman Curtis Saldago. Amazingly, Sugar Mama manages the difficult task ofcapturing Pemberton's wildly ambitious live persona, jackknifing across genres with ease,using the frontman's intricate musicianship as a glue that holds it all together. A master showman who draws amazed stares when audiences realize he's shreddingwithout a guitar strap, Pemberton's unique musical gifts and infectiously positive attitudecome exploding to life, making the axe man and his band's legendary shows on stagessmall and large come vibrantly to life. The music is hypnotic in its infectiousness --consistently challenging listeners while grounding it all in a familiar foundation of rock.Music is Pemberton's domain. The stage is his home. And his door is always open.

at Nectar
412 North 36th Street
Seattle, United States



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