Scrapbooking with Techniques

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    • avatar Virginia Pender 0

      who makes that edge swirl embossing folder (you called it a die)  the long edge one?  Great video

      • avatar letellier1990 2

        Are your titles printed on your page and if so do you have a 12 x 12 printer??  

        • avatar Paulo Pereira 1


          • avatar blackitten2 1

            Great tutorial!  Thanks for sharing!

            • avatar Lucy Valles Orta 1

              Just came across this video.  Thank you.  So many ideas. i use none of these.  I don't even have an embossing machine or a machine that cuts shapes.  Next on my list…

              • avatar Mary Witt 1

                Jennifer McGuire I want to let you know I learned so much from you Scrapbooking with Techniques video.  I'm anxious to learn more from you.  Thank you for sharing. 

                • avatar djrepasky 1

                  I love the idea of using scraps for scrapbooking!!  This might be just the 'push' I've needed to get working on my scrapbooks that have been laying at the side of the sofa for far too long.  Great book!

                  • avatar Carole Reider 2

                    I can't wait to try these techniques!!!!  thank you!!

                    • avatar Jennifer McGuire Ink 1

                      epson r1900

                      • avatar Bootoyou298 1

                        Great ideas thank you

                        • avatar itsmeamanda01 0

                          Do you have a 12×12 printer? if so which one? I am THINKING of maybe putting it on my christmas wish list

                          • avatar denverkat276 1

                            I love that resist on that canvas. WOW its uniquely outstanding in a good way!! I'm getting some of that. Thanks for the great videos. Love it.

                            • avatar Carolyn Staat 1

                              So many great ideas, a must to watch. Thanks Jennifer for such a great video, I watch it over and over.

                              • avatar mamalious vaj 1

                                thanx for the video

                                • avatar DevinMyLuv1 2

                                  AWESOME video!!! Always learn sooo much from your vids. Really great and simple techniques. Using different techniques is ABSOLUTELY one of the best things to do in scrapbooking. I LOOVE my woodgrain stamp too…you are right a MUST HAVE. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugz:) Taylor

                                  • avatar Spring Summer 2

                                    Were did you get the wood stamp from- sorry could not understand

                                    • avatar Sander Puerto 2

                                      great techniques~

                                      • avatar Lanie Rickard 1

                                        I love the techniques you showed. Get new ideas to use.

                                        • avatar Karle Blahut 2

                                          ty for all the different techniques you shared. xoxo