Scaffolding planks make constructions safe and full proof

Construction industry across the globe has undergone magnificent changes and these changes have been due to technological innovations. One of the key factors that have always been talked about as far as construction is concerned is nothing but safe construction. Over the years, new construction equipment have appeared on the scene, which eventually brought significant difference in the construction procedures. Workers working at the live construction sites are feeling far safer than they used to feel earlier.

Planks come in different variations, and the most prominent ones include Independent (birdcage), single pole, cantilever, hanging bracket and swingstage. Each of the planks has its own features that make it ideal for use in construction and repair works.

Here, it is evident to talk about the LVL scaffolding planks, as these have critical role to play during the construction of makeshift structures. The planks are used in not just the hardcore construction work, but also the usual types of repairs. The scaffolding planks hold your body weight, while you are busy with the regular construction or repair work.

What is the practical purpose of using scaffolds in construction industry?

Scaffolds are designed and manufactured to provide strong base support to the workers. The equipment also have capabilities to hold building and repair materials. A strong scaffolding network is established by dovetailing frames and planks together. The size of planks varies, depending on the type of construction or repair work for which these will be put into use.

The planks need to be properly adjusted for keeping structure at place and prevent the vibrations. LVL type of scaffolding planks are used in construction a of high rise buildings, their repairs and even for wall painting. A highly durable scaffolding plank has certifications. Planks that do not have any valid certification, puts the construction workers into serious problems.

Strictly adhere to the precautions

The LVL scaffolding planks are of great advantage to the construction industry, these equipment need to be placed effectively. Placing the planks in a haphazardly oblique ways will make the things far more threatening.

* Do not place the planks close to the live wire lines as this can be really dangerous. You are likely to experience electric shock due to high and strong voltage.
* Do not place too much of weight on the planks than the permissible limits. The scaffolding planks have tensile strength, beyond which these cannot hold the weight.
* The planks should be fit into the framed structures. If there is any part of hanging out of the framed structure, working situation can turn out to be potentially hazardous.

Advantages of LVL scaffolding planks

The LVL type of scaffolding planks brings many great advantages in construction and repair industry. These are not just the usual timber planks which have minimum strength. The planks have established reputation for being reliable and safe planks, being used to the extremes.

Here are the few advantages of these planks:

* The planks are AS/ NZS 1577:2013 tested & certified
* The planks are tough and long lasting
* The planks are light in weight, strong and show high flexibility in real time situations
* Capable of holding heavy weights

Do not be too casual with your personal safety. You need to show serious concern to make sure that construction work is performed within safety limits. Check the specifications of LVL scaffolding planks. It will help you to make the right decision, and let you perform the construction or repairs safely without any hassles.

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