Russell Peters

Russell Peters
Event on 2017-06-22 19:30:00
June 23-25

[PLEASE NOTE: This is a work-in-progress show. Russell is working out new material.]

Only a handful of today’s artists can claim their success began with YouTube, and even less, if any, having then been named alongside such luminaries as Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Eddie Murphy in Rolling Stone’s just released list of the 50 Best Comics of All Time. In comedian Russell Peters’ case, “success” may be a drastic understatement.

Russell Peters was born and raised in Canada, where his parents had emigrated to from India in the 1960’s. From a solidly working-class family, Peters learned the value of levity from his father and Russell’s own observations on the family’s struggles with racism and multicultural differences. ... [Click here for Russell's full bio.]

THERE IS A LIMIT OF FOUR TICKETS PER TRANSACTION. If you are coming with a larger group. call the Improv's box office (202-296-7008 x0) after all your tickets are purchased, and we will note which groups would like to be seated together.

at DC Improv Comedy Club
1140 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, United States



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