Roofing Grand Rapids — The Importance of Roof Insulation

When it comes to professional roofing in the Grand Rapids area, insulation is one of the most important components that a homeowner needs to consider. Winters here are very cold and heating your home is a costly expense. It is important to remember that no matter which heating system you have in your home--whether it's oil, gas or electric--insulation is what holds the heat inside your home. However, insulating the walls and floors of your home is simply not enough. As Grand Rapids roofing contractors, we know very well the importance of insulating attics and roofs to prevent heat loss. To put it simply - a house with an insulated roof can save you thousands of dollars in heating bills.

In Grand Rapids roofing, there are several options in regards to insulation. This article will provide you with a brief overview of the materials that are most effective for roofing Grand Rapids homes.

How Much Insulation Does Your Home Have?

Many older homes only have about 6 inches of insulation padding all walls and floors. While this is effective in temperate climates, colder areas require 8-12 inches of insulation to sufficiently prevent heat from escaping. In Grand Rapids roofing, we utilize a variety of options when it comes to insulating the roof of a home or business.

Attic Insulation When Roofing Grand Rapids Homes

Insulating an attic is one of the biggest components of any proper Grand Rapids roofing job. We begin every job by inspecting the insulation that is already in place. We then assess its condition and provide our clients with an estimate and options when replacement or improvement is needed. We also calculate the savings in heating costs associated with installing new, higher quality insulation; thus, determining the amount of money you would save each year.

Insulation saves you money in the summer months as well, as it keeps your house cooler and helps trap in the cold air provided by air conditioners.

Types of Insulation for Grand Rapids Roofing Systems and Homes

Below are the options pertaining to the insulation portion of a proper Grand Rapids Roofing project.

Fiberglass Batts Insulation

Fiberglass batts come in elongated blankets that are spread across rafters, beams and walls. It is particularly useful in sloped and peaked structures as it is flexible and can be installed into tight corners.

Fiberboard Insulation

Fiberboard insulation comes in hard squares of fiberglass that are particularly useful for insulation flat surfaces, walls and roofs. In Grand Rapids roofing projects, we generally utilize fiberboard in attic insulation as it is an easier and more efficient installation and fits neatly, side by side, across level surfaces.

Loose Fill Insulation

Loose Fill insulation is a fairly new technology and comes in a number of materials. In most of the Grand Rapids roofing projects that we administer, we recommend using either fiberglass or cellulose loose fill insulation. It is more difficult to install than fiberglass bats or fiberboard, but is much easier to transport to job sites. Some Grand Rapids roofing contractors install it by hand, pouring it into the walls, but this process is time consuming and many charge by the hour. We have specialized equipment that not all Grand Rapids roofing contractors are supplied with and are able to blow the loose fill insulation into place in significantly less time.

Gypsum Board Insulation

Gypsum board is fairly similar in shape and size to fiberboard, but it is constructed of gypsum, which makes it a more expensive material. It is a worthwhile investment, as gypsum is water-resistant and non-combustible; therefore, it will not diminish if your roof gets a leak, and it will also never catch fire.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is also a fairly new technology that some Grand Rapids roofing contractors are using. It requires special equipment as it is sprayed onto surfaces where it then expands into crevices and dries into a secure and airtight insulator.

Upstairs Storage Space

Many homes in the Grand Rapids area don't have attics per se, but do have an upstairs storage space just below the roof. This space can be insulated quite easily, for little cost and will also save you a great deal of money annually. A Grand Rapids roofing project like this typically pays for itself in just one winter season. Consider insulating an attic or storage space as an investment that will return immediate dividends in the form of savings.

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