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I'm semi-retired. This is where I work a day or two per week. RONA is a Canadian competitor to Home Depot and Lowes (which opened its first Canadian stores last year).

RONA began in Quebec some sixty-odd years ago. Over the past decade or so, it has made some strategic aquisitions across Canada, and has built new box stores as well.

My particular store was originally part of The Building Box chain which was owned by Reno Dépot—also a Quebec-based company. For my British friends. Reno Dépot was a branch of Kingfisher which owns the B&Q chain. Reno Dépot was purchased by RONA about four years ago.

I work in the Seasonal Department, using experience I gained in our family business during the sixties and early seventies.

Have done a number of things since then, including teaching English and museum curating.

Again, I'm posting, but I don't expect people to comment. I'll be back up full-time some time next week.

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