Rihanna – Dancing In The Dark (Audio & Home Trailer)



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    • avatar Gionni Little 0

      I love you're music

      • avatar o o f 1

        this makes me wanna shake my boov thing

        • avatar Наталья Барабановв 1

          where can I watch this movie? please, teell me!!! HELP!

          • avatar Shamell* Wade 2

            Love this song

            • avatar ZappingHero 1

              This is one of the songs that got me obsessed into DJ Pop musical songs, loved it (and the movie too). :-)

              • avatar Ivelis Rodriguez 1

                Home is were l belong

                • avatar Araceli Farfan 1

                  I Love This. song

                  • avatar Carly McKinney 1

                    The budget for this move is 135 MILLON, it must be pretty good

                    • avatar Michael Frank 1


                      • avatar Amber Whaley 1

                        DANCING IN THE DARK