RIBA East Midlands (Nottingham) – Financial management: how to run a profitable business

RIBA East Midlands (Nottingham) - Financial management: how to run a profitable business
Event on 2017-09-13 14:00:00
What are the key considerations that architects should be aware of when looking to run a successful, profitable practice? It goes without saying that exceeding clients’ expectations is a key contributor to a successful practice, but it can often lead to architects working ‘in’ the business as opposed to ‘on’ the business. In uncertain times, it is more important than ever to have an understanding of pipeline, resource management, cash management and the current market. This session will provide delegates with a clear understanding of the tools available to ensure that practices are run effectively, and crucially, operate at a profit. Using working examples and real-life scenarios, the following topics will be covered: Business planning The importance of forecasting and its practical use Effective record keeping Cash flow; managing cash flow and useful tips on how to improve it Raising finance; Where to access it and how to raise it Reducing your business’ tax liability; what tax reliefs are available, and ways of claiming A portion of this session will be dedicated to discussing live, working examples of challenges faced by you within your own practice, in order to make the session as useful and relevant as possible. You will leave equipped with financial management tips and techniques that can be readily applied, and will discover new ways to contribute to the success and profitability of your practice. Speaker: Ian McBane, Moore Stephens Ian specialises in providing outsourced accounting services and advice to a wide range of clients spanning the professional practices sector, including architects and partnerships.  Ian is passionate about the use of cloud accounting and the benefits this technology can bring to his clients. He has considerable experience in providing back office accounting and reporting solutions, particularly within an international group environment, and assists clients to implement their global expansion plans. He currently acts for multiple owner managed businesses and UK subsidiaries of overseas groups situated in Europe and the USA, including listed entities. and Speaker: Ross Northall, Moore Stephens Ross specialises in advising companies and individuals in a commercial manner in a variety of sectors including property and construction manufacturing, internet and technology. He advises on matters such as company reorganisations, acquisitions and disposals, and profit extraction strategies. Ross also has a wealth of experience in providing advice to clients on research and development tax reliefs, capital allowances, international taxes, share option schemes, and tax efficient investment structures.   Core Curriculum topics: 1. Internal management 2. External management Sponsored by Terms & Conditions Cancellations for pay-as-you-go tickets are permitted up to 10 working days before the event, delegate substitutions are accepted at any time, please contact alex.maxwell@riba.org for cancellation/substitution requests. An email will be sent to confirm your place on receipt of your booking.  A second email confirming venue along with map/directions will be sent to you approx. 7-10 days before the event. Bookings at the member rates will only be accepted if accompanied by a valid membership number. If you require a purchase order to be quoted on your invoice this must be supplied at the time of booking. † Club Tickets purchased by individual members are not transferable to other delegates. †† Club Tickets purchased by chartered practices are transferable within the practice and can be used by any RIBA member in the practice. A photographer may cover this event and the photographs may be used to publicise future RIBA events.

at Newton Building
Nottingham Trent University City Campus
Nottingham, United Kingdom



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