Resort Lighting Is A Reflection Of Luxury

Lighting is a reflection of luxury. It combines the Universal, the functional, and the aesthetic in a phenomenon that is both a science and an art. Resort lighting represents the highest level of sophistication found in the lighting design services industry, representing a synthesis of multiple disciplines applied in such a fashion as to separate and elevate the experience of a luxury resort to the level of the timeless and the impeccable.

Commercial resort landscape lighting is rapidly rising in demand and popularity as management teams realize the need to showcase the entirety of a property as a single point of differentiation from the world of daily life. Light is an absolutely essential component to resort design, being essential to clear visibility of the grounds at twilight and nighttime hours.

It bears noting at this point that truly superior resort and hotel lighting must address interior facilities with equal attention to detail and finesse as that paid to the external layout of the grounds themselves. Without this, the uniqueness of the experience will diminish when guests enter the building.

Every element of the resort must be addressed as a unique, individual component of an interconnected whole. The restaurant is set apart for romance, conversation, and sublime escape from the mediocrities of ordinary life. The banquet hall is both decorated and illuminated with lighting themes that invite to celebration. Layered landscape and architectural lighting arrays emphasize the multi-dimensional elements of natural beauty blended with the finest human engineering and design. Pathways, outdoor dining areas, boardrooms, tennis courts, and even parking lots are both lit for safety and decorum, contributing like strands in a web of light to the exclusive world that resort lighting creates.

A balanced, systematic, and truly holistic resort lighting design creates this type of harmony between natural, architectural, decorative, and activity themes in every single element of all indoor and outdoor points of interest.

The key to creating this lighting-as-experience phenomenon lies in a wider selection of top-grade, commercial equipment that enable us to create more levels of light than competing firms deliver. Many landscapers, for example, blend only two levels of light to illuminate trees and pathways. Some vendors, however, exceed these standards with proprietary equipment that allows them to create additional layers of luminary embellishment to landscaping features.

This involves studying both the landscape and the architecture of the facility to determine common angles of incident between man-made designs and natural formations. This allows us to subsequently unite buildings with landscapes in a manner that results in a more aesthetic presentation of the entire property.

It is also necessary for the design firm to create clear visibility through indoor windows into greenways and atriums on the other side of the glass. Again, layered lighting and superior knowledge of architectural angles of incidence are required to accomplish this delicate balance without generating excess glare that can distort the view. Normally, this level of knowledge is only obtained by lighting companies who form strategic partnerships with architectural firms and who cross train their employees in the basics of building design. This creates an awareness of certain critical elements of building interiors, special facilities, dining areas, and meeting rooms that a firm that specializes in lighting only seldom, if ever, notices.

It also helps for a resort lighting vendor to have an above-average knowledge of fine art lighting and design. Any resort serious about contracting fine art lighting and design services should first make certain the vendor they select has an equivalent knowledge of lighting and automation controls, as the equipment used for art lighting requires both precision adjustment and the ability for quick and simple end-user interface.

Every resort lighting theme is unique and individualized to the particular location and nature of both the property and the corporate brand. The best outcomes are achieved in consultation and partnership between resort managers and lighting vendors who recognize the need for a high level of custom planning and ongoing consultation and partnership in order to achieve a truly lasting, and superior, presentation at the end of the day.

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