Refshaleoen 20131022_05

Refshaleoen 20131022_05
Storage Garage
Refshaleøen, Copenhagen harbour, Eurovision Island 2014 – Eurovision Song Contest.

Photo: News Øresund – Susan Daniels
© News Øresund

Wikipedia: On 2 September 2013, Danmarks Radio (DR) announced that the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will take place at B&W Hallerne. The surrounding area will be transformed into Eurovision Island, an Olympic Park style complex which will house amenities and the Press Centre for the entirety of the contest.[6]
Refshaleøen, originally an island in its own right but now annexed to the larger island of Amager, is a former industrial site in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark. For more than a hundred years, it was home to the shipyard Burmeister & Wain which closed in 1996.
Refshaleøen is frequently used as a venue for events and festivals. In 2013, I 2013 the area played host to the heavy metal festival Copenhell, the electronic music festival EDM 2013, Scandinavian Reggae Festival, MAD Food Symposium (part of Copenhagen Cooking), Refshalen Music Festival and Asteroiden theatre festival.
Site surface area is approx. 500,000 sqm. Since the shipyard’s bankruptcy in 1996, the area has undergone significant changes. The abandoned buildings are now home to a mixture of creative entrepreneurs, small craft, flea markets, storage facilities and cultural and recreational uses.
The residents include Asterions Husm a theatre, AMASS,[3] a restaurant opened by Mathew Orlando, former head chef at Noma,[4] the art gallery YARD and the creative community Skabelonloftet.[5]
Since April 2011 there are again both at the old shipyard. Copenhagen Yacht Services has opened the first Danish Yacht garage on the island – an indoor Marina for motorboats on the American model..[2]
The private spaceflight company Copenhagen Suborbitals operates on Refshaleøen.

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News Øresund, Malmö, Sweden.
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