Real Estate Agents in Philadelphia Can Help You Relocate to the City of Brotherly Love

Although it suffered from a decline in population during the second half of the 20th century, Philadelphia still boasts one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the United States. Thanks to the constant influx of new immigrants, as well as the revitalization of key parts of the city, Philadelphia has regained its position as a preeminent Mid-Atlantic city. Those who are interested in relocating to this city should contact licensed real estate agents in Philadelphia.

The City of Brotherly Love’s renewed vigor is perhaps best discerned in the new developments that can be seen in many neighborhoods. From the affluent apartment blocks being refurbished in Center City, to the creation of new establishments that cater to the youthful population of University City, exciting new projects are appearing all over Philly. Listed below are some of the neighborhoods to check out:

Center City West

The tallest and most prominent building in Pennsylvania is the Comcast Center. Located along John F. Kennedy Boulevard, the five-year old skyscraper is home to a public plaza with a spectacular fountain, an 8-story glass curtain that gives a 360 degree view of the city, and a massive LED screen. This LED screen is very popular during the holidays, when special video presentations are screened to the public.

Outside the skyscraper, be sure to drop by the Sunday morning farmers’ market at Fitler Square. For the city’s best restaurants, check Rittenhouse Square, a true oasis of upscale development in the heart of the city. The newly renovated Schuylkill River Park features a waterfront that has been hidden from the public for about a hundred years. Developments in this area are a true testament to Philadelphia’s revitalization.

Center City East

The city feels denser east of City Hall because of Gayborhood, an area where bars, restaurants and a special bookstore attract large crowds. Other densely packed areas include Chinatown. When in Chinatown, make sure you get a taste of the specialties that include milk tea, egg tarts, and buns that come with pork, chicken, and pineapple fillings.

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