Raised Bed Gardening – How To Start A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden


  1. California Gardening California Gardening

    Greenes Fence Raised Bed kit:
    Kellogg Raised Bed Mix:
    Jobe's All Purpose organic fertilizer:

  2. Yewseok Suh Yewseok Suh

    This is helpful. Thanks for such a great video. Happy gardening!!!

  3. ThatArmy VeteranGuy ThatArmy VeteranGuy

    Well, you have definitely converted me to a raised garden now! I'll start it soon. California Gardening, would you consider putting the beds close to the house or in the open full sun?

  4. Sharlene Martin Sharlene Martin

    Ok now

  5. Science above All Science above All

    Dopinder! Only some will get it.

  6. Erich Diehl Erich Diehl

    How deep are your raised beds? I read that tomatos require 24 to 36 inches of soil for proper root space. What are your thoughts?

  7. Elvira Medina Elvira Medina

    Thank you, this video answers my questions before I get started on my raised beds.

  8. gabrielle crofts gabrielle crofts

    well done fabulous video from Australiaxxx

  9. Frank Schlegel Frank Schlegel

    Never cut toward you with a razor.

  10. Sheri Karanasos Sheri Karanasos

    Since you mentioned rats and moles, etc, last year I had rats in my backyard. They didn't look like they ate anything and I have no idea why my yard was targeted. I also haven't seen any digging. It's clean. I don't have plants next to the house, bird feeders, animals, etc. My neighbor said my yard was too "green". I have a couple raised beds and use planters and grow bags I made myself . Could growing beets and carrots (root vegetables) be the cause of attracting them? I am so happy I saw this video because I am clearing out one raised bed, the one I had the carrots and beets in, because it was close to some trees and now is full of roots. I will definitely buy and install the wire. I also want to thank you for suggesting the Kellogg potting mix. I used that last year in my other beds and will continue to buy it. Thanks for the helpful videos!

  11. Tal AZari Tal AZari

    amazing video, well done

  12. Garden Language Garden Language

    Hey, thank you for your video, it seems like i have some work to do 🙂
    I will totally talk about this in my site. thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. Exploratory Glory Exploratory Glory

    Great video! Check ours out


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