Raised Bed Gardening – How To Start A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden



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    • avatar California Gardening 2

      Greenes Fence Raised Bed kit: http://amzn.to/2oVwXmB
      Kellogg Raised Bed Mix: http://thd.co/1vGB7X6
      Jobe's All Purpose organic fertilizer: http://amzn.to/1o8gFdE

      • avatar Yewseok Suh 2

        This is helpful. Thanks for such a great video. Happy gardening!!!

        • avatar ThatArmy VeteranGuy 2

          Well, you have definitely converted me to a raised garden now! I'll start it soon. California Gardening, would you consider putting the beds close to the house or in the open full sun?

          • avatar Sharlene Martin 1

            Ok now

            • avatar Science above All 2

              Dopinder! Only some will get it.

              • avatar Erich Diehl 1

                How deep are your raised beds? I read that tomatos require 24 to 36 inches of soil for proper root space. What are your thoughts?

                • avatar Elvira Medina 1

                  Thank you, this video answers my questions before I get started on my raised beds.

                  • avatar gabrielle crofts 1

                    well done fabulous video from Australiaxxx

                    • avatar Frank Schlegel 2

                      Never cut toward you with a razor.

                      • avatar Sheri Karanasos 1

                        Since you mentioned rats and moles, etc, last year I had rats in my backyard. They didn't look like they ate anything and I have no idea why my yard was targeted. I also haven't seen any digging. It's clean. I don't have plants next to the house, bird feeders, animals, etc. My neighbor said my yard was too "green". I have a couple raised beds and use planters and grow bags I made myself . Could growing beets and carrots (root vegetables) be the cause of attracting them? I am so happy I saw this video because I am clearing out one raised bed, the one I had the carrots and beets in, because it was close to some trees and now is full of roots. I will definitely buy and install the wire. I also want to thank you for suggesting the Kellogg potting mix. I used that last year in my other beds and will continue to buy it. Thanks for the helpful videos!

                        • avatar Tal AZari 1

                          amazing video, well done

                          • avatar Garden Language 1

                            Hey, thank you for your video, it seems like i have some work to do :)
                            I will totally talk about this in my site. thank you for sharing it with us.

                            • avatar Exploratory Glory 1

                              Great video! Check ours out