Radical repurposing, a cure for urban amnesia (LFA)

Radical repurposing, a cure for urban amnesia (LFA)
Event on 2017-06-28 16:30:00
Construction booms like the current one all too often wipe out layers of London’s past and replace them with sterilised new streetscapes. The result is a thinning of the urban texture and a loss of markers communicating the city’s history and evolution. However a new generation of architects is finding ways to repurpose existing structures, including sites with little heritage or aesthetic value, as a way to create new strands of urban fabric whilst retaining resonant elements of the old. This evening session will bring together architects, anthropologists, developers and cultural institutions to explore how memories of streets and buildings can be harnessed to support new purposes and ideas. Themes explored will include: Does the repurposing of old buildings for new uses allow structures to retain their historic integrity and build positively upon previous memories? Can the economics of repurposing old buildings stack up compared to new build? Should repair and reuse play a greater role in construction and architecture? Speakers wil include: Elizabeth Adams, Adams Sutherland Case study: Fashioning Poplar – In a radical example of urban revitalisation Adams Sutherland has designed a scheme that takes 50 disused garages in Poplar and creates a centre for small fashion businesses including fabrication facilities and teaching space. The project, delivered in partnership with Poplar HARCA, The Trampery and the London College of Fashion will provide low-cost facilities and support for small fashion businesses, whilst bringing new life to an urban wasteland. Charles Armstrong, Founder, The Trampery The event is hosted and curated by The Trampery, a social enterprise specialising in workspaces designed to drive creativity and entrepreneurship. Tickets include a glass of wine, beer or juice and a guided tour of Trampery Old Street. 

at The Trampery (Old Street)
239 Old St
City of London, United Kingdom

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