Pros Recommend Counter Update For A New Look

The idea of updating your kitchen may seem a bit scary. After all, a kitchen overhaul may well cost you into the thousands depending on what needs to be done. Your kitchen is a multi-purpose room and gets a lot of use each and every day. You cook, clean, entertain and relax in your kitchen. You should not have to live with outdated colors and worn out counters. The good news is that you do not have to – any size kitchen can use an update and your budget does not matter either. Even if you are on the smallest of budgets, there are great ways you can quickly update your counters without breaking the bank.

Quick Ways to Update your Counters If you have a small budget or if you want to update your counters quickly, you do have several options. Painting is one way, but it is often not the most efficient way to breath new life into your kitchen. If you cannot afford to replace old and worn counters, then you may want to think about counter resurfacing. There are many companies out there that can fit your existing counters with a new look. If your counters are made of wood or Formica, then resurfacing works best. Tile is harder to resurface, but it can be done. Wood or butcher block counters are also ideal for resurfacing.

Picking Out New Kitchen Counters As you begin looking at your kitchen counter project, you may determine that resurfacing is not an option. In that case, it is time to go shopping. Picking out great countertops can be quite a job. In fact, most decorating professionals recommend that you start out by looking at pictures in magazines to determine the look that you want before you hit the stores. Do you like the look of tile? Do you love the durability of granite? Perhaps you only have the budget for Formica. Whatever it is that you want, you will not have any problems finding it. Concentrate on the material that you want and then choose colors that look good with your existing kitchen décor. Even if you get Formica or other laminate surface, you can get all styles to look like almost any other type of material.

Shopping for New Countertops When you begin shopping, make sure you look around for the best prices. Check your local home improvement stores and also at wholesale stores. You might even check online to see if you can special order your new counter top at discount prices. Also, if you are looking to save money, then you might want to think about doing the work yourself. With a little education, you can learn how to do this. Cutting out a contractor could save you a bundle. Grab a friend and you should be able to complete this project in a weekend or less. If you cannot handle the project on your own, then hire a trusted contractor or s professional that can complete your counter project from start to finish.

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