Promote your work with Construction Photography

In the construction trade, photography often plays a vital role. Construction photography allows construction work to be accurately documented so progress can be evidenced to stakeholders and proper process can be seen. Providing a step by step report on the work, construction photography makes it possible to undertake a thorough post-production evaluation of the project. Construction photography shows the work at every stage, documenting the entire project. Construction photography is also useful for the preparation of a survey or construction proposal, showcasing exactly what work needs completing and why.
Importantly, construction photography also plays an important part in the marketing of construction services. Construction photography will feature on many manufacturers’ websites, in their customer brochures, in advertising publications and for exhibition displays. Showcasing the extent and scale of the work they’ve carried out, construction photography allows companies to promote the past work they’ve been involved in with the hope that it will encourage future customers to employ their services. Construction photography used in marketing needs to be detailed, attractive, recognisable and both on a large scale and close up. A good variety of construction photography will evidence a firm’s versatility and adaptability, encouraging more customers to trust their reputation.
Construction photography is often featured in trade magazines, updating the construction industry on ongoing projects, highlighting major work and promoting new methods. As with marketing images, construction photography for magazines must be attractive, eye-catching and informative.
Ideally, when choosing a firm to carry out construction photography, you should look out for one that is CSCS Construction Skills certified. CSCS – Construction Skills Certification Scheme – helps the industry to improve quality and reduce accidents. Their sought after cards demonstrate that the holder has occupational competence, and to obtain one a health and safety test must be passed. As construction photography takes place on a construction site, having a photographer who is aware of the health and safety implications really is a must. Make this a must-have when you’re choosing your construction photography company. specialise in construction photography. Some of their high profile projects include Heathrow Terminal 5 and the London 2012 Olympics. Taking exceptional pride in their photography, both corporate and construction, they always strive for perfection. Their attention to detail and inspiring photographs are the perfect way to showcase your construction work. specialises in the most reliable and professional construction photography which is so reasonably priced. Our corporate photography is of the very highest standard, as is our customer care.

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