Popular Bathroom Remodeling Projects and How They Fit Your Budget

It’s an accepted fact that the kitchen is the most important room in the home as it serves a valuable function, needs to have a definitive style, and is often the first area noticed by guests when they enter the house (depending on layout). That being said, what’s the point in entertaining others in your luxury kitchen when they have to use your frat house bathroom?

It could easily be argued that bathroom remodeling Deerfield is the most important renovation a homeowner can make. Consider the fact that the bathroom is one of the few rooms used multiple times every day by everybody in the house and their visitors. That can’t be said about the kitchen, living room, or even bedroom. The bathroom is a functional place sure, but it’s also an area for serenity when relaxing after a long day and for peace and privacy when getting ready for the day (or night). The restroom is also usually the smallest room of the home so a luxury bathroom remodeling Deerfield is more affordable than a kitchen makeover or finishing a basement.

Here are some of the most popular bathroom remodeling Deerfield projects and their expected hit on your budget.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets in the kitchen draw allure and praise while serving as an important focal point in the room. In a bathroom, not so much. That being said, when you are taking the approach to doing bathroom remodeling a la carte, or an item here and an item there, cabinet refacing is a great project. Giving the cabinets a new color, stain, or fixtures is a great way to inject some new life while reusing current materials and the cost is under $ 500. Similar projects include installing cabinets if there aren’t any or repurposing a vanity for a new style or to accommodate a new sink.

Tile the Walls

Too many homeowners take the almost unnecessary task of installing a new shower when the real improvement from the area comes with a fresh take on the existing tile. Bathroom remodeling Deerfield provides instant visual appeal (at anywhere from $ 9 to $ 20 per square foot) with a wall makeover that might include tile that emulates porcelain, stone, slate, or any other creative color palette outside of “mold green”.

Bathtub To Shower (With Additional Framing)

One aspect where it would be necessary to install a new shower is when you take the positive move to remove a bathtub (replacement costs $ 2,000 – $ 3,000). Granted tubs are nice for when you have infants to toddlers to bathe but are an incredible waste of space in an ‘adult’ house – when’s the last time you really took a bath? A bathtub location eats up about 5′ by 30″ whereas replacing it with a shower frees up almost 2′ which could be used for storage or just more space. Along those same lines, framing a wall to close off a toilet from the view of the door or vanity is one of the best bathroom remodeling Deerfield projects with subtle value.

Bathroom Lighting

One of the best bathroom remodeling Deerfield projects we can recommend is to add, or at least add a variety of lighting. Most home bathrooms light up either by a bright vanity or a generic over head light which means your options are 1) surface of the sun or 2) dark cave. Layered lighting is a great idea in any room of the house but especially a bathroom with accent, decorative, and ambient lighting to go along with the task lighting. Lighting variety can include different colors and brightness levels so that the bathroom can fit your mood.

While it doesn’t have the allure of a man cave renovation or customizing a master bedroom, a bathroom remodeling Deerfield actually improves quality of living and makes the functional outhouse into the luxury penthouse.

Greg is an experienced Bathroom Remodeling Deerfield specialist and artistic Home Additions Chicago sharing his view through his articles.

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