Pool Heat Exchanger – Getting the Correct One For Your Swimming Pool

There are choices to make when setting up for heating your swimming pool. You have Eco heaters, work with the heat in the ambient air. You can use Central heating boilers with a pool heat exchanger, which can be more efficient than the ordinary pool heaters.

Salt Water Is Corrosive – So Choose The Right Heat Exchanger Unit.

Chlorinated water is also corrosive to the pool equipment so you have to get the right unit for that type of water also. You can see why the ozone way of keeping your swimming pool water clean and safe is becoming more popular. No more red eyes and the need for a shower coming out of the pool. So back to the salt water units − You need to use a pool heater heat exchanger that will stand up to the conditions. It will probably have copper-nickel tubes with bronze end covers, to be able to survive.

Home Central Heating Boilers Used For Heating Swimming Pools

Heat exchange pump. Get as much as four of five times the energy out as you use to run the eco friendly water heater. Central heating boiler. The boiler as used in house heating systems can be significantly more efficient that the old inefficient pool heaters. Swimming pool water heaters can be very costly to run, but could be better or OK if used with a solar pool blanket to keep in the heat you put into the pool.

Situations For Pool Heat Exchangers

Not just for swimming pools but also for spas, hot tubs, domestic and industrial uses. Use the titanium models which as well as being anti corrosive they are also self cleaning. The water flows through them so fast that you don’t have to worry about cleaning them even with waste water heat recovery. Low maintenance is an important feature for a swimming pool heater heat exchanger.

Pool Heat Exchanger Sizing

The makers of the heat exchangers will have tables and formulas for working out the right size for a particular size of pool. So you don’t have to worry too much if it will be big enough to do a good job in conjunction with whatever type of heating you are using, which also could be solar.

Getting the right Pool Heat Exchanger for the swimming pool at your Spanish Villa Diving in to get the Swimming Pool Dive Toys from the bottom of the swimming pool

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