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If you have ever remodeled or redecorated your house, then you know that it is quite a complicated process, and really not as easy as it looks. There is lot of thinking, planning and designing that goes into giving your house, or even a single room a whole new look. Every single thing, right from the kind of feel you want for the room or rooms, to the kind of tiles that will be used has to be thought of. And do you really have the time or energy for that sort of planning? With our jobs and personal lives being so busy, making the commitment towards your house and putting in the amount of effort required in remodeling can be quite difficult.
Anna Marie Fanelli is here to help you with that. With years of experience in designing homes and providing her customers with unique and creative ideas, you can be sure that Anna Marie Fanelli will create something truly remarkable for you. Anna Marie Fanelli, along with her husband, John Fanelli, owns Floor & Décor, a tile, stone and plumbing design studio in New Jersey. For more than 2 decades, Anna Marie has given her clients exactly what they asked for, incorporating her brilliant sense and expertise to create a design that will truly reflect the personal style and personality of her clients. Her range of services include a wide variety of services, from tile designing to stone designs, plumbing, hardware, lighting and fireplaces. But her real passion lies in designing with tile and stone to give the project a whole new look, one that will not be seen anywhere else. Always up to date with the latest designs and trends related to tiles and stones, Anna Marie has won many accolades for her work, which has been showcased in The New York Times, WABC Morning Show, Newsday, The Bergen Record and in many more design-industry magazines and shows.
Anna believes that one’s home is a reflection of us, of what we think, of what we feel, of our passions and of our personality, which is why one should decorate their house just as they would dress themselves. She will work closely with you, understand your needs and create a one-of-a-kind, just for you. And you can be sure that the products used will be of the highest quality, which will give a rich and regal look to your house and last for years.
If you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a renovation or are just starting a new construction project and would like Anna Marie to be your interior designer, all you have to do is schedule an appointment. And do not worry about the costs either. Anna Marie will work according to your budget, as she believes that beauty and design are for everyone, even the average man. For Interior Designers in New Jersey visit

Floor and Décor, by Anna Marie Fanelli, is an interior design store she co-owns with her husband in New Jersey. Her wide range of services include tile design, stone design, plumbing, cabinetry and lighting along with a brilliant and keen sense of design. Anna Marie will create a design for your home that will reflect your personality, your ideas and lifestyle and literally be a reflection of you. Visit Interior Designers in New Jersey to know more about her work and designs or to schedule an appointment. If you want to visit our physical store or talk to us, then call us at (201) 569-5797 ext. 12 or go to for more details.

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