Picknik Of Art

Picknik Of Art
Event on 2017-12-03 14:00:00
Picknik of Art – an event bringing musical, visual and physical art together in one space. In addition to the music produced by our talented artists, Picknik has always aspired to celebrate and be involved with art across its many forms. Picknik of Art will give artists the opportunity to exhibit in some amazing galleries across London. Keeping it local is central to Picknik’s vision: twinning emerging street artists with spaces in their own neighbourhoods, showcasing new work in each of the venues that we will inhabit. The line-up for the music (as with the work exhibited) has been produced with love and care, working to ensure that you will get the most out of your experience! So, for our third instalment, we bring you: _________________________Music_______________________________ + Remi Mazet Originally from France, Remi moved to London in 2007 where he fell in love with electronic music. His production talents were first recognised by La Vie en Rose and Hot Waves with whom he has shared a couple of releases Over the years Remi has developed a vast but carefully constructed collection of diverse production, which he showcases in an electronic live set. _____________________________________________________ + Guilhem Monin Born in 1986 in Montpellier in the south of France, Guilhem Monin is a passionate record collector, DJ and producer whose vast knowledge of music far surpasses his years on the planet. Falling in love with music from a very young age, this devotion was accelerated by extended listening sessions to the well-referenced Radio Nova in his teenage years, and further more so by a move to London in his early twenties. Operating on his-own terms, Guilhem has become an exciting prospect in his adopted town’s competitive scene. Holding down several residencies, including over 3 years with his previous venture Colors, he has also gone on to take many bookings across Europe. His natural interest in musical culture is reflected in his DJ sets and productions, and also through the diverse crowd that attends his regular party, Social Joy. Creating a sound that is the result of a melting pot of the first wave of house music, disco, techno and with roots in afro-rhythms, Guilhem is in his element experimenting with musical fusion. A firm believer in the power of music and the positive affect it can have on people, he hopes to encourage interaction and unity using his musical visions. _____________________________________________________ __________________________Art_________________________________ _________From 12.03.17 to 02.04.17 (1 MONTH EXHIBITION) + Kev Munday Kev Munday creates positive, vibrant artwork inspired by people watching and the every day. Exaggerating and celebrating the ordinary, Kev aims for his art to appeal to all ages and make the viewer think and smile at the same time. Working with a wide range of mediums including spray paint, brushes, paint markers and digital illustration, his often simplistic, naïve illustrations take inspiration from artforms as diverse as kawaii graphics and huichol yarn paintings. Kev has created artwork for brands including Walt Disney (a hand painted figure for an exhibition), Graham & Brown (a wallpaper), Fracture Skateboards (a series of decks) and Monster Energy (a large scale mural). His art has featured on BBC2 and Channel 4 and in Elle Decor, Juxtapoz, The Evening Standard, Design Milk and more. __________________________________________________ + Mimby jones Mimby Jones Robinson Art is an Australian Street / Visual Artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. She specialises in street art , paintings, prints and wall murals Mimby has been exhibiting her work for over 15 years through out the UK and Australia. MJR has been creating vibrant street art for ove 5 years. Her work has been featured in numerous Street Art Books. __________________________________________________ + Blair Zaye Blair Zaye is a New Zealand artist/curator, with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, based in London since 2008. Exhibiting extensively all over the world from London and the UK to the US, Germany, Russia and New Zealand. As an artist he works with a variety of media. While he majored in print media Zaye's current practice focuses on abstract paintings; enduring to express ideas and beliefs implicit in society and culture while reflecting on the internal and external world of artistic existentialism. In contrast his installation work creates spaces that defy reality where the viewer becomes completely immersed in a parallel reality ( ____________________________________________________ + The Line girl || Installation “A line is infinite, just as you think you are coming to a close you find yourself in a new direction, a never ending cycle." Using photography, drawing, painting, installation and performance The Line Girl aims to explore the infinite possibilities of a line. ____________________________________________________ + Acid Stream || Live visual Art Acid Stream is a collaborative project between Dimitri Engelhardt and Conzum. It is a Live 'BioArt' Visual Performance. The pair produce, in realtime, visual content out of chemical or biological elements. With pimped out microscopes and overhead projectors they create psychedelic forms and patterns usually hidden from the naked eye. The videodata is like a ghost you can catch it only with you eyes. They pictures only exist for the moment. Come with us on a trip to uncover psychedelia beyond the realms of the naked eye. ___________________________________________________ + East and us || Jewellery Brand Coco Pierandrei designs handcrafted powerful silver & crystal Jewelry inspired by Shoreditch party fashion & World mythological legends – based in London ____________________________________________________ + Addicts + Cockheart || Fashion Brand Clothes Brand accessories related to the underground electronic music scene and both with an home made and limited edition series approach. _______________________________________________ + Paula pud || Face paint Artist ____________________________________________________ FREE entrence day event + After party venue 2 Art installations+sale /Dj sets/exhibition/Fashion brands/Food

at Main Yard Innovation Project
90 Wallis Road
Homerton, United Kingdom

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