Photometric Commercial Lighting Design

Commercial Lighting Design services by RLLD Commercial Lighting are intended to provide adjunct support to the contractor to expedite the planning stages of a proposal. By precision approach to procurement that minimizes the margin of error in selecting the right fixtures for the right job, we aim to help the client and the contractor get more for their monies worth, we seek to implementing a systematic,. Professional commercial lighting design firms have come to trust RLLD Commercial Lighting’s design experts as virtual extensions of their consultation and planning teams. RLLD Commercial Lighting account managers proactively help to develop solutions for commercial lighting clients, designing entire systems from the ground up so the contractor can save man hours on calculations and schematics and focus more energy on negotiations to win the bid.

We are able to bring this service to our clients because of some very special commercial lighting design software programs we have purchased. These programs allow us to input basic data pertaining to your client’s site directly into our computers. The software then interprets this data and renders a complete photometric analysis of your client’s building and surrounding property. This valuable design layout details such critical factors as mandatory foot candle minimums for parking areas and outdoor recreation areas. It also shows the best places for you to install fixtures to achieve these lighting levels, and it shows the best ways to mount these fixtures for optimal results.

This approach to commercial lighting design is an ideal way to win a bid in the midst of a recession. Its focus on precision procurement as opposed to bulk procurement takes a realistic approach to equipment itemization and costs. RLLD Commercial Lighting believes you should design a system with no less and no more lighting equipment than is absolutely necessary. While in the past making such an exact determination may have meant many hours of painstaking calculations, this is no longer the case. With a photometric analysis, you can literally see where the lights need to go and quickly determine the exact nature of the fixtures your client will need by asking three basic questions:

1. Where is the fixture located?

2. What does the fixture light?

3. How is the fixture mounted?

If you are still uncertain which fixtures will be best after you have looked at each of these three factors, your commercial lighting design specialist can recommend commercial grade and specification grade fixture options that will bring superior results to your client’s table. We have a huge inventory of HID lights, including the new pulse start metal halide lights that feature some of the most advanced reflectors and optics in the lighting industry. Such manufacturing quality is critical if you are working in an area heavily regulated by lighting control regulations and dark sky laws. By proposing fixtures that are made specifically for better directional control of lighting and glare reduction, you place your client in the best possible light without annoying nearby residents and business owners with light pollution.

RLLD Commercial Lighting design experts can also equip your proposal with the latest energy saving outdoor fluorescent area lights and low voltage landscape lighting fixtures. This will work wonders for your client’s budget, cutting costs without sacrificing the quality of amount of illumination in the process. We also provide you with a complete selection of high-tech energy efficient commercial lights designed for maximum power conservation. We inventory induction lighting for indoor and outdoor commercial lighting, and LED light designed for commercial outdoor lighting, parking lot lighting, street lighting, area lighting, and commercial indoor lighting.

All of our commercial lights are designed and manufactured in the United States. No foreign manufactured products will ever darken our invoice. RLLD Commercial Lighting believes in supporting and recession proofing the American manufacturer as well as the American commercial lighting design specialist. All adjunct lighting design services are free as well to clients and serious inquirers, and they are also available for a reasonable fee to casual inquirers and those in need of occasional assistance.

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