Pest Control with Air Rifles – Squirrel and Rat Shooting – Getting it Straight

Pest Control with Air Rifles - Squirrel and Rat Shooting - Getting it Straight

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  1. Complaint Department Complaint Department

    Mr. Pheasant has what, 8 FEMALES in his stable???

    He's a bit-of-a-PIMP that-one-is…

    I'm sure he gives ALL OF THEM a good seeing-to, as-well…

  2. Kratos000S Kratos000S

    I love UK

  3. Deathfool 45-70 Deathfool 45-70

    I bought an Air Arms S510 Extra FAC yesterday in .22 cal.  My first British PCP.  You and your videos are all at fault!  😛  Keep producing these wonderful videos my friend.  You alone got me into moving on from the Springer's and Nitro Piston break barrels and into PCP rifles…which I own 5 of since we last talked a few months back.  God help me!  They're worse than chocolate.  😀

  4. Lary Mayotte Lary Mayotte

    please don't make us suffer through any more bad days…..LOL = Love Of Life!

  5. Rej Rej Rej Rej

    thanks again sir I absolutely love your videos come on people this man deserves 100000 + subscribers

  6. jack clarke jack clarke

    look .. have always been a massive fan of your videos if honest jealous…would love to accompany you one day ..but what I want to no is how you scope cam. got a shity eBay one that's crap made a home made one with a digital camera which works but is not the shooters eye it goes to blurry.. love the videos keep em coming watch avidly in envy. all the best mate happy shooting

  7. Patrick B Patrick B

    Keep putting these light days together. Seeing all the surroundings, wildlife, and other activities is quite nice. The English country side is really beautiful. Enjoyed the part of you showing where Bruv's feeder was across the way on the other wood as well.

  8. Carsten Carsten

    wow, these maggots( caterpillars) are big!

  9. Chippy The Chipmunk Chippy The Chipmunk

    i love the running commentary… reminds me of watching a golf tournament. well done.

  10. Blake Tallstrom Blake Tallstrom

    His voice is like captain price from call of duty

  11. Tony V Tony V

    Voice sounds like voice of commentator at a Masters Tournament during intense putt at cup…lol

  12. Amin Momtaheni Amin Momtaheni

    lol why do you need such strong scope for your small rifle?! overkill

  13. Alabama Gulf Coast Gardening Alabama Gulf Coast Gardening

    I just discovered your videos the other day. I'm really enjoying them! I have a squirrel problem in my yard, and I'm learning a lot from your pest control techniques. Thanks!

  14. Jenny Knight Jenny Knight

    people hate pest control i dont get why they do there just bad animals people think its rude but its so stupid to not kill pests please respond back bud if its pretty stupid to not kill pests

  15. CRA677 CRA677

    Might you share where you got your spinner from? If you made it yourself, can you enlighten me to as how you went about doing it?

    On another topic, a balance between "busy" and "slow" days hunting is good. Additionally, It's nice to see the flora and fauna on your side of the pond. Gorgeous birds you have there!
    Cheers mate!

  16. rocky armstrong rocky armstrong

    as far as which wideo content is preferred, I don't mind a few "balance" videos evening things out. that is not to say however I don't like seeing bags full ..

  17. DJRap999 DJRap999

    At 20:52 you could have said "Luke, I am your father." and it would have sounded awesome lol!

  18. Nicholas Aarons Nicholas Aarons

    Very Nice Video. Good to see how you are making a difference. Great Bird Videoing Too. Keep up the great work. Nick.

  19. Valeria Scaramella Valeria Scaramella

    too bad you're not here otherwise I would try that shit rifle. You're an animal. yuck. shame on you and if you have children or a family try shit on them, at least you realize what this demo account.


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