Perfect Ingredients For Your Fitted Kitchen

There is no doubt that when you want to make an investment to your home, you should redo your kitchen. It will add value to your home and can bring in that needed profit when you want to sell one day. A fitted kitchen can be that catalyst.

First make a plan of your kitchen on paper. Note where your appliances are protruding and where you can conceal them behind your new cabinets. It there is no way you can conceal them without moving them around, then simply build around them. The extra shelving will come in handy in no time. Don’t let a small kitchen put you off. There are cabinets and counter tops available for any space.

Consider as well your price range. You don’t want to over-capitalize your property by spending thousands of dollars on a kitchen which is more than the house is actually worth. So keep it within a medium price range and you will be fine. Look out for companies who offer special deals like including some appliances to a package or maybe offering your installation for free. This could save you lots of money in the long run.

A thing to remember also when remodeling your kitchen, is that it is the heart of a home. It needs to be versatile as well. Try to accommodate everyone’s needs, like making extra chopping space for two people and putting in an extra sink for washing up. Position your stove, fridge and sink in such a way so that they are within easy reach when cooking.

Having said that, to give you extra ideas, go down to your local kitchen showrooms. They have a myriad of ideas and exhibits to help you with yours. Have a look at all the different styles like; modern, traditional, classic, ultra modern, contemporary and even country. Make a note of the flooring they have chosen and where they have placed their lighting.

Match your flooring and counter tops to the color of your cabinets, as close as possible. This will give you even more visual space as it creates uniformity. Lighting can play a big role in setting the tone when spending time in the kitchen. Soft cabinet lights maybe in a few pastel colors, will add ambiance and life to your kitchen.

When you are ready for your fitted kitchen, visit a showroom and take along all the measurements you have made of the floor space and appliance space. It will help the consultant to plan your design quickly and hassle free. Get the whole kitchen down on paper first. From design to color before spending a dime. Once you are a hundred percent sure you are happy with everything, then only order your dream kitchen.

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