People Turning To Swim Spas As An Effective Way Of Keeping Fit

The increase in people finding healthy alternative methods of keeping fit continues to make head way as health experts continue to warn of the number of children and adults in the UK who are overweight, no eating healthily, as well as having detrimental effects on their health due to sedentary lifestyles.

As such people are looking for ways to keep fit in a way which is also pleasurable, to help them take a pro-active approach to changing the way they eat and exercise on a permanent basis rather than one off fads which only last a few weeks.

Swimming has long been know as a form for exercise which suits people of all ages, as well as being an overall way of toning muscles, reducing weight and helping people to become or remain active. However, trudging off the the public swimming baths on a regular basis often wanes due to a number of factors such as time and cost.

Whilst many people belong to private gyms and health clubs there are many who dread the mere thought of going to these places to exercise, not only due to the cost but also the psychological trauma of being in the company for super fit people who make the exercise equipment look like a walk in the park, let alone stripping off to get into a swimming costume or trunks which leave them both physically and psychologically exposed and open to ridicule and hurtful remarks, whether these be fact or fiction.

Having a place within the privacy of your own home is the ideal solution for many people and whilst they may not have the space or the money to have a swimming pool installed in their gardens the trend for having swim spas is increasing at an incredible rate.

So what is the difference between a swimming pool and swim spas?

The most obvious answer is the difference in size between the two and whilst you can get both large and small models of either, swim spas do not take up as much room as a swimming pool with the same water capacity.

Besides size there are other advantages of swim spas in terms of the exercise which can be carried out. Along with being an ideal fitness platform there are other health and cost benefits which swimming pools do not offer. Among these are the portability of swim spas as they can be placed on patios, decking or on the ground. They are stand alone objects which are not sunk into the ground and therefore far more cost effective to install.

Most modern swim spas can be adjusted to suit every type of swimming technique combined with the ability to have different strength currents of water to swim against. They can also be used for aqua jogging as well as some models having sit down rowing style facilities along with other ad-ons which can be used to exercise and tone specific muscle groups.

The biggest plus is that swim spas also incorporate the benefits of hot tubs and spas and are the ideal answer to relaxation, de-stressing as well as exercise. However, the greatest advantage has to be that you can use your own swim spa as often and when ever you like, in privacy and completely eliminates fears and worries of being the subject of embarrassment or ridicule of others being able to see you whilst you exercise and keep fit.

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