Peltier Air Conditioning 2



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    • avatar Subhranil Jalui 1

      what is this product price?

      • avatar TZAsurvival 1

        Nice work

        • avatar TZAsurvival 2

          You are on a boat why not liquid cool the hot side.

          • avatar Alex kembiet 1

            How can I get one unit?

            • avatar Varian Moore 1

              couldn't you reverse it and us it as a heat pump

              • avatar Milton Lopez 1

                23 amp are you joking man? you dont have silch till you fix that isue tere is no point for this video really

                • avatar Emmanuel Tavora 1

                  Hi friend!
                  how do I buy this unit? Do You think I can hook this in my 180watts 36 volts solar panel?
                  thank You!

                  • avatar Arnab Banerjee 2

                    How long will similarly run.. this unite

                    • avatar Hari Hcs 1

                      Kakean omong , hasile ora adem

                      • avatar cuddy001 1

                        Where can I get one like this one here and how much

                        • avatar Rahul Bisarya 1

                          Hey Alan, Can you tell me this Unit is for how much volume, i mean it will cover how much area of Room. Will it cover entire room after modifications ??? Please suggest. it looks good to me for my requirement…

                          • avatar Luemorragia l 1

                            How many peltier you used?

                            • avatar Luemorragia l 1

                              Very good !

                              • avatar Wayne Borland 0

                                Please list your parts or better yet make a put together video . For all us dumb dumbs that want to try this but do not have a clue.