Patio Furniture Chaise Lounge Relaxation With Affordability And Elegance

Patio Furniture Chaise Lounge is something you may see on a deck or front porch. A chaise lounge has been a part of the history of furniture for a very long time. This is a chair with a back that allows one to go into a semi reclining position. It is long, like a bed, so that the feet can be put up but the back can be set to sit up or to recline as well. Cleopatra was known to lounge on a chaise lounge. In Roman times it was thought that the body digested food better when one was reclining to eat so they used an old version of a chaise lounge.

In the French language chaise lounge translates to long chair and the French were the first to make them commercially in the 18th century. Chaises were only found inside in the homes of kings or the wealthy. People in England loved them during the Victorian Period and they could be found in bedrooms so that you were not thought of as being lazy because you napped on a lounge rather than the bed. You can still find the indoor type of chaise but most of them that are sold today are made to use in the outdoors.

Most popular swimming pools have a line up of chaise lounges available for people to soak up the sun. Outdoor chaises can be made in aluminum or plastic or wood and other materials as well. They can be light and portable or heavy and hard to move. Many people take the portable type to the beach so they do not have to lay right on the sand.

You see aluminum lounges all over during the summer. They are extremely portable so you can take them to the beach or on the patio or to a summer outdoor concert. The frame is light being made of aluminum and they usually will fold up small and compact for transportation. You sit on woven nylon strips that are sewn to the frame. You can easily clean this type of chaise and they are popular because of their inexpensive prices.

Plastic chaise lounges are very light weight as well and they can be used on a patio or porch. Most plastic frames and some aluminum ones need a separate cushion to make them comfortable. They can be purchased with the frame and also without so if a cushion wears out you can get another. Plastic frame lounges do fold although they are a little bulkier than aluminum. You need to take them in if there is a great deal of wind in the area because they are so light they might blow off the patio and down the street.

The aluminum chaise lounge will probably not last very long. The nylon strips tend to get frayed and break after awhile and the frame tends to bend. The plastic type tends to get brittle after a few years of sitting in the sun and they crack and break. There are also resin frames that you can get that will last a bit longer but they too tend to get brittle after several years in the sun. Resin frames require a separate cushion just like the plastic variety.

If you want a lounge that will be around for a very long time and still look good as new you might want to look at the wooden frames. These will not blow away in a wind storm; in fact, they might be a little heavy to move at all. Some have wheels so that they can be easily moved around the patio. You can get lounge frames in all kinds of wood the most popular being redwood or redwood stain to match the picnic table. Other wood stains can match the trim of the house or other outdoor furniture and they can be stripped and restained. You can even slap on a few coats of paint once the chaise gets a little old and shabby looking. These frames require a soft and cushy cushion for ultimate comfort. If the one wears out that is on the wood frame you can always go get another one because they are sold separately. Wood frames are great for families with kids that are hard on chairs or for people that might weigh extra pounds.

The aluminum variety of chaise lounge might cost you about USD $ 25 while a plastic one might be a little more. The wooden ones carry a hefty price at upwards to $ 200 but they last for ever. You can find patio furniture chaise lounge frames in other materials like steel and wrought iron as well. These may cost you more than two hundred dollars but the style and fashion is uncompared. Your chaise will never be unoccupied. It is the best place to be to read or listen to music on your patio.

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