Outdoor Lighting Accessories

Electrical and Lighting Design contractors can find within our comprehensive selection of outdoor lighting accessories a substantial offering of tools that will allow them to accommodate the full range of residential and commercial clients they service. Every lighting design is different, and every client has individual preferences that at times may require special outdoor lighting accessories that cannot be readily or cost effectively obtained from other sources. This is why RLLD strives to be unique in our industry as a comprehensive supply house vendor to service vendors. We understand that the needs of your clients are also your needs as well, and that the strength of your negotiating position is often based upon the confident self assurance that any lighting design you itemize in the proposal can be expeditiously and cost-effectively installed on the property with all the lighting accessories for outdoor landscape, accent, decorative, and security lighting necessary to exceed client expectations. RLLD therefore continually updates its inventory with the latest technology and highest commercial grade outdoor lighting accessories to supply not only the lights and fixtures, but also the brain and central nervous system that constitutes the unobtrusive core of creativity.

Residential Landscape Lighting and Design subdivides its inventory of outdoor lighting accessories into product categories grouped around features, actions, and tangible benefits to both client and designer alike. Our impressive selection of direct burial wire and connectors is inventoried with versatility in mind. Several grades we provide are capable of not only powering outdoor lights, but outdoor speakers as well, allowing creative thinkers to out compete less innovative contractors by proposing to their clientèle a synthesis of lighting design and home outdoor entertainment. To make the proposal even more attractive to a client, consider adding accessories to outdoor lights such as glare shields and wire guards that prevent blinding light and protect fixtures from outside forces that could damage equipment. RLLD carries a considerable variety of products in both categories, which further complement a design proposal when combined with special lenses, gaskets, and hex cell louvers that limit side glare and contribute to maximized aesthetics and accent lighting. When affect is preeminent, or when security is a priority, contractors can further serve clients by proposing one of two timing options that will automate the outdoor lighting with either accessory timers or photocells. Using RLLD as your equipment vendor allows you to help your client select from two line items of value, giving them the power of choice between two benefits rather than an “expert” recommendation with no explanation–like those some of your competitors may be using to force outcomes.

Think of RLLD outdoor lighting accessories as accessories to your success. They empower you to emphasize vision to clients without having to limit results to parts availability and shipping complications. For example, a client who wants the convenience of timer-controlled outdoor lighting may also want that timer to power on and power off the indoor lights as well as the outdoor lights when sunlight falls below a certain level. Photocells that only work as accessories to outdoor lights cannot accommodate this clients wishes, and the client will more than likely choose another contractor’s proposal even if the invoice is higher because that contractor can accommodate desire without limitation. Conversely, a client may reside in a neighborhood where the power rates are charged at a higher than average kilowatt per hour rate. This person might be cost-sensitive to some degree when he or she considers how an electrically powered timer can add up to higher costs over time. If you are the one contractor bidding a proposal that includes a powerless 60-minute timer, you will certainly impress this client with detailed accommodation of his or her concerns. Even small outdoor lighting accessories such as colored lenses go a long way toward winning a final bid, especially when competing in the commercial arena. RLLD colored lenses are manufactured with a thorough extrusion process that places the dye so deeply into the plastic that it actually makes the lens a more heat resistant–and longer lasting–outdoor lighting accessory whose diminutive size can nonetheless produce a world of color for affect lighting of statuary, outdoor facilities, and water scenes throughout the night.

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