Organize That Garage Once and For All with These Items

If you own a home with a garage, you may be suffering from a conflict of interests. Should you use the space in the garage to hold your car? Or should you use it to store all of the items that you do not want to give up? As with many things in life, home garages are not all the same. Each one is built and sized differently. Your family probably has very different garage storage needs than your neighbor, and a different garage as well. When it comes to home garages, one size obviously does not fit all, and the same goes for garage storage needs as well.

Yet despite differences in garage size and storage needs, garage owners continue to search for ways to make the most of their respective garage storage space. The following are some useful garage storage items that can help maximize the amount of storage space your garage currently has.

Shelves and Containers for General Storage

A good shelving system is easily one of the best purchases you can make for expanding your garage storage space. This is simply because shelves help you make the most of your vertical space. In typical garages much of the floor space is taken up by parked vehicles and it’s not available for storage. Therefore it’s important that you really use up as much vertical space as possible when storage room is tight.

Sets of free-standing shelves are perfect for this, since you can move them from place to place as you need to. There’s nothing wrong with fixed shelves, just as long as you’re not one of those people who likes to periodically rearrange things! Either type of shelving will work well, and regardless of what type you prefer, there are shelving systems to fit your needs.

Storage cubes and stackable containers are another great option, especially if you want storage that will help protect your stored items. Durable PVC cubes are both stackable and portable, and the easy to open doors are perfect for keeping your garage tidy. With durable plastic and a tight-fitting door these will definitely help keep your possessions in good condition.

Storing Sports Equipment

From softballs to tennis rackets and skis, sports equipment comes in such a diverse array of shapes and sizes that it’s not always easy to find good storage that can handle every item. Usually the best way to handle everything is to get several different storage items, especially if your family has several members interested in different sports. However, the EZNET is a great solution to this problem. The EZNET is a wall-mounted net made from durable industrial-strength netting. It can hold up to fifty pounds in weight, and it has the ability to expand to fit items of any shape as well. The EZNET isn’t just suitable for the garage either. It can go in your kids’ rooms to hold toys, or double as a wall-mounted laundry hamper.

If you an avid fisherman you may feel you only want the very best storage equipment that’s built to specifically store rods, reels, and other fishing-related gear. For this purpose, a sturdy fishing rod rack is the perfect option. It holds up to a dozen rods upright in a secure fashion and has drawers and hooks for storing tackle as well. This is the perfect garage storage item, making good use of vertical space while taking up a remarkably small amount of floor space as well. It’s also mounted on four sturdy castors, so it can easily move anywhere you want it to go.

Organize your Tools

Every tool lover knows that tools can often be awkward and sometimes rather bothersome to store. Preferably you want the tools that you use most to be in plain sight and easy reach. The ideal solution is some form of wall-mounted storage that has a place for each tool that that keeps them all in order and in plain sight for whenever use is needed. Wall-mounted brackets are perfect for power tools and garden tools such as forks, rakes, brooms. Storing garden tools securely upright is particularly important as it will prevent them from rusting and rotting longer.

Take out the Trash

Taking out the trash can be a really big pain, especially if you have a large family that generates more than usual. With a portable trash can trolley, taking the trash out is a snap, and it makes storing trash cans a no-brainer too. This sturdy portable trolley can take two cans and up to 250 pounds in weight, and its durable construction makes it difficult for the cans to tip over. Easy-rolling wheels mean you will never have risk back injury lifting heavy trash cans again.

Ryan Anderson is a freelance writer who writes about cleaning and maintaining an orderly home, often discussing a specific kind of item such as garage organizers.

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