Office Interior Design for Modern Businesses

Times have changed in the past 20 or so years and the office experience with it. Gone are the days of strict dress codes and boring cubicles. As generations X and Y both take their places in the work force and open up their own businesses, their lax attitude about tradition and rules comes with them. And part of the great change is that office interior design has become much more fun for the modern business, compared to the workplace of our grandparents.

The beauty of office interior design these days is that it can be almost any style that you can imagine. Take for example one company that has a slide in their office that ends up in a ball pit. Or another that has sleeping pods for mid day naps. Or even another that utilizes personal cabins instead of cubicles. Yes, all of these things do exist and can provide a lively office environment and high morale.

While some of these ideas may seem a little too extreme or costly for your business, there are still many things that can be done with an office to make it fun and welcoming. Color is not something to be afraid of but to embrace. Having colorful walls and bright art or stencils can invigorate a creative team. It can also be a mood lifter, as various colors are proven to have an affect on people’s emotions and psyche.

It’s always good to have a place for the employees to have a little downtime. So maybe you don’t have room for that ball pit, but a foosball or air hockey table in a break room may be a good idea, let them get out some of the unavoidable frustrations of work in a competitive game with others. It also brings employees together so they really get to know each other.

How about a more open environment instead of closed off cubicles and rooms? Some companies like to utilize clear glass walls for offices, even for higher up management, so they never seem closed off from everyone else. They seem far more easily approachable, which can be a good way to encourage communication.

Office interior design has gotten far more interesting in the past few years, so if you’ve got ideas that seem a little wild, go with them. It may end up creating a business environment that is healthy, happy and fruitful.

B. Pila Design Studio is an accoladed residential interior design and commercial interior design firm.

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