Odd Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

If you watch a film then you will notice that they very rarely take a look at someone who is remodeling a kitchen, but why is this? Anyone would thing such projects are boring, and that they're not funny enough. This is strange if you think about it, when renovating a kitchen you lots of elements that could potentially be extremely funny. You have very sharp dangerous tools, potential dangerous activities, and it involves destroying part of your home. Kitchen renovations can bring out the DIYer in everybody, but one thing can be for certain there will never be a film specifically about kitchen renovations.

Have a Laugh

During the Great Depression and World War 2, people really needed to find some light relief and have a bit of a laugh. They could get this much needed chuckle if they visited the cinema. There were a number of famous comedy films of the time, one of the most famous was Laurel and Hardy. Laurel and Hardy films are basically where they make a mess of everything and anything. These films are very similar to most people messing up their kitchen remodeling projects! The people going to the movies got a form of therapy that they so badly needed for a very low price! These films made everyone feel better. In these films things needed to be repaired or renovated, but instead of getting competent people to do the tasks stupid people were given the job. The stupid people always made a mess of the job they had to do, so it was very funny. These films were funny back then because people needed a good excuse to laugh.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement was an extremely popular TV show that stared the extremely funny Tim Allen. This show was about another TV show called ToolTime where Tim tries to teach everyone how to do DIY. However he is a very proud man and always makes a mess of everything, he's also always supercharging kitchen appliances with hilarious results! He will never ask for help, even if he needs it. Tim Allen's character is much better at family life than at DIY, which adds to the comedy. This program was so popular because you got to see the whole life of the characters which allowed people to connected with them. Watching someone make a mess of projects is funny, just as long as that person is not you!

Own Mistakes

In the late 80's we moved into our new house, it was perfect but the kitchen was a bit dated. We initially started by renovating the kitchen, which turned out to be a complete disaster. This was our first renovation project and ended up being numerous projects. We had to 'renovate' the kitchen several times before it even got anywhere almost perfect. When we went to my parents to visit they showed us a movie called the Money Pit. This stars Tom Hanks before he was very famous, and is about a nice couple that move into a house. As soon as they buy it the house starts falling apart around themselves. My parents found it hilarious, simply because they thought we were doing exactly the same thing! This movie was not any fun for us because it was too close to reality! These things are only funny if you're not actually going through the stress of them yourselves.

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