Northern Virginia Custom Remodeling Enhances Condos

For many, living in a Northern Virginia condominium is a comfortable lifestyle of convenience. Most condominium communities are ideal homes for singles and couples. There is limited grounds keeping involved, if any. These are usually smaller homes, which makes them easier to maintain. Unlike rentals, with condominium ownership comes the freedom for indoor choices in decor. Like houses, Northern Virginia custom remodeling projects for condos may involve a number of different types of home improvements. Although there may be limitations on the changes made to size and structure, Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations are popular projects for condo owners.

Kitchen Remodeling
Changes to the kitchen may include countertop, flooring, paint and wallpaper, as well as new furniture. Countertops should suit the purpose of the main cook in the household without discounting the budget or others who spend a lot of time helping out. Ceramic or natural stone countertops are popular trends in materials.

Depending on how many floors the condo has and whether the person is on the top or bottom floor, the type of flooring is critical. When there are neighbors downstairs, the use of carpeting instead of hardwood flooring is probably a better choice for those who want to stay on good terms with their neighbors. However, for those on the bottom floors with neighbors above, one notable part of a kitchen remodel may be to reinforce the ceiling with sound-proof materials if they are not already present.

While the ceiling is being replaced, the homeowners may want to also consider changing the lighting to something more modern. Ceiling fans are both energy efficient and attractive. Dimmer switches, remotes and easy-to-reach lightswitches are also important conveniences that many people like to include in their Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling project. Other elements of a condo kitchen remodel might include kitchen cabinet refacing or the installation of additional kitchen cabinet space. Some homeowners may need more places for storage; others may find ample storage with limited counter space for preparing meals and snacks.

Bathroom Remodeling
While the Northern Virginia home remodeling contractor is working on the kitchen project, it may be wise to plan ahead and include a bathroom remodeling project as well. The combined project time spent and project costs are lower when combining more than one renovation as opposed to doing them separately, as some tasks can be done at the same time using the same materials and tools. For example, the door trim in the kitchen and bathroom may be the same color, saving on the purchase of additional paint, as well as the amount of time it takes to set up the area and tools for the painting aspects of the remodeling projects. This is also a good time to upgrade plumbing, bathtubs, shower heads and bathroom countertops and vanities.

When planning a Northern Virginia custom remodeling project, condominiums can be reinvigorated with new appliances, flooring and plumbing. This can enhance the quality of life for a smaller household without the expense of a larger home renovation.

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