Noise Issues at Your Home Site

There are many possible noise and hassle issues that can effect a lot or piece of land you're looking to buy. Here are just two to keep an eye out for...

Buying First in a Subdivision

Purchasing one of the first lots in a brand new subdivision often will get you a pretty good deal, as far as the cost of the lot goes. Before you get too far into the process, ask to see a complete plan of the entire subdivision's intended build out. Very often, developers will release lots in phases (for example release 50 lots, and then 50 more in the next phase), and you want to see the entire plan, not just the plan for the first or current phase. What you are looking for is the total number of homes that will be built in the future in that entire subdivision. Your lot, and therefore your future home, will be one of the first in the neighborhood. Most likely, for the rest of the construction of that area, every dump truck, lumber yard truck, concrete truck, piece of heavy machinery and backhoe will drive past your driveway, or at least your street, day in and day out. Add to that every car and truck belonging to roofers, electricians, plumbers, framers, cabinet installers, tile guys, carpet guys, trim guys, landscapers, inspectors, future home owners, people looking at lots and homes for sale, real estate agents and a myriad of other subcontractors, and people directly or indirectly in the development process.

This never ending parade of construction traffic and noise may not be confined to a standard Monday to Friday week either. Construction in many developments can occur on Saturdays as well. And even with no construction on Sundays, expect lookers and Real Estate Agents to be driving around your neighborhood.

This is a pro and con type situation. If you find that the development will be somewhat small, and the build out will take a relatively short time, maybe this is something you can deal with. If your home will be one of the first of seven hundred homes, then you are in for a long haul of construction traffic. However, if your lot is removed from the main street in the neighborhood, perhaps you won't be as affected. Then again, the price point of the lot may outweigh the possible hassle and disruption. A great deal on a good lot and or a new home can take the sting out of having to put up with construction traffic for a while. Consider also that if you hold a typical 9-5 job, you'll only really have to deal with it first thing in the morning and on your return from work.

Speed Bumps and Stop Signs

While speed bumps and stop signs around your future home can be an advantage in the safety area, they can also be a real annoyance. With a speed bump close to your home site, you may quickly grow tired of the sound of tires bumping over that bump, squeaking brakes and general car noise. Also consider delivery and work trucks banging and clanging each time they go over it.

Stop signs can have the same effect. Each time a car approaches the sign, it's got to slow down, come to a stop, and then get going again. Not a big deal; however, it does add to the noise level in the area of your home. There is always someone who feels the need to squeal their tires once in a while.

When you are looking at a piece of land you are looking to buy and build on take some time to look for the potential noise issues. Just because it's quiet and peaceful at one time of the day means nothing!

Bill maintains a website on New Construction Advice and has been building quality custom homes for over 40 years. He now enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience through articles. Thanks for reading!


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