Niuserre Neues Museum Berlin 0216

Niuserre Neues Museum Berlin 0216
Landscaping Outdoor Decorating
Jahreszeitenreliefs aus der "Weltkammer"
Sonnenheiligtum des Ne-user-re, Abu Ghurab

Niuserre, 5th dyn. (Room of Seasons, Harvest, west wall, Berlin 20036)
Sun temple of Ni-user-Rê

fine reliefs scenes depict representations of the seasons from his solar temple at Abu Gurab (named shesepu-ib-re)

Mullets swimming in the river are shown on the uppermost register
The middle register are decorated with a desert landscape and include (from right to left) a gazelle and two Soemmerring’s gazelles.
The bottom row is composed of (from right to left), two oryx, two hunting dogs wearing a
collar and a gazelle in a basket.

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