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Great chance to expand your networks. Meet the leading industrialists and experts in Medical,Engineering,Pharmacology,Chemistry,Physics,Nursing,Environmental,Healthsciene and many more at the Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Conferences in 2016-2017.

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Market Analysis report
Expenditure on health sector is vast and the country spends over 400million dollar for the formulation of a new drug annually. An estimation also accounts the expenditure of 9.1billion U.S dollar as revenue from the pharmaceutical market globally. Nursing is an important part of the healthcare system and thus a major amount of this fund is spent on it. There are about 70 nursing universities and about 17% of the total graduates in UK are nursing graduates. The immunological research is quite diversified in the country but the main research sectors are the oncological ,vaccines and drug design and delivery. The neurovascular market is estimated to spend over two thousand billion dollars globally by the year 2020.UK takes an important part in this neuoro research plan. The five major countries have provided handsome amounts for research in this field, the reason being the amount of deaths recorded due to neuro related diseases. The global cancer research and diagnostics market has been estimated to reach a value of a hundread billion dollars in the year 2013 and is expected to grow upto 8% by the year 2020. Along with core engineering sectors like manufacturing,automobiles ,construction biomedical engineering is a field that have gained ample importance in the past few years. Biomedical engineering field has its relevance in developing devices for researches ,surgeries, food industry and downstream sectors. There has been a growth of 75% in the biomedical field in the next 10 years. Cardiac medical devices have made a new growing market that is expected to gather about .5 billion in 2019.The exponential growth of this cmd devices market is distinctly observed in the past 4-5 years and yet its peak is expected to be reached in the next ten years.

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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