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Commercial construction is the process of building a structure, remodeling an existing space or building out an existing space for use other than as a home. The commercial structure can be in a shopping center, a stand-alone building in an office park, a stand-alone structure on its own piece of property, or even a structure within a structure. No matter what type of structure it is, Chandlee and Sons Construction Company, can fulfill every requirement of the client professionally, on time and on budget.

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company is one of the most trusted firms in the Atlanta metropolitan area, with completed projects for John Weiland, LaVista and Associates, MillerZell, and the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, just to name a very few. Owners Seth Chandlee and Jim Chandlee have successfully completed commercial construction projects of ground-up construction like the Bethany Bend Office Park in Alpharetta; industrial remodels like the 90,000 square foot warehouse for SIP Industries in the Fulton Industrial area, fast track remodels like the Come Back Bar in Tucker for Bar Rescue, complete exterior and interior transformations like the Venti Italian Restaurant in North Fulton, and exquisite build outs like the Alpha Spine Center, SIMOS and Crabapple Financial buildings in Braeburn Village and the Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau.

With over fifty years of combined experience and expertise in every type of commercial construction, from build-outs to ground up construction, Seth and Jim Chandlee are able to guide their clients through the process from concept to completion maximizing every investment dollar with the most up-to-date construction methods and technology. Every client knows that Chandlee and Sons Construction is dedicated to serving their very best interests responsibly and ethically, being fully committed to quality, schedule and budget.

Chandlee and Sons Construction can offer their clients a variety of commercial construction services such as architectural and engineering design, in house real estate expertise, land scouting and development, site development and rezoning, ground-up and design-build, as well as tenant remodel and additions. This commercial contracting firm, located in Alpharetta, Georgia, can also provide a service that is most unique in this industry - specialized fast track construction methods and experience. Because of their decades of experience in the Atlanta area, Seth and Jim have established solid, long-term relationships with the most reliable team of sub-contractors, architects, engineers, designers and suppliers who consistently demonstrate track records of the highest quality workmanship, financial stability and professionalism.

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