Myths About Metals as Roofing

There are many kinds of materials that are being used for roofing. Asphalt is one of the most common and a conventional material. For modern houses, metal roofing is often used. Unfortunately, many people do not know the advantages of metal roofing. Below are some myths about metals used as roofing.

It is a widely known concept that metal roof has higher risks of getting struck by lightning. The truth is the material used for roofing does not affect the chances of your house being struck by lightning. Researches show that a tall house or a moving object in a plain field has high chances of being struck by lightning. Another truth is that a metal roof will be better than the conventional roofing for houses that are about to be struck by lightning. Metals roofs can help disperse and dissolve the charge. The benefit is better if you will use a non-combustible metal for your house’s roofing.

A common myth about metal roofing is that it is susceptible to rust. Metals can be susceptible to rust. This is why modern metal workers use finishes that can make metals rust resistant. For instance, steel roofing can have a coating of aluminium or zinc. It can also be painted for colour and protection from harsh weather.

A lot of people think that a metal roof will be noisy. The truth is that metal roofs and conventional asphalt roofs are of the same quality when it comes to noise. Considering the advancement in metal work industry, metal roofs today will not be noisy despite heavy rain. The usual techniques for creating and installing metal roofing are the use of plywood or other kinds of solid sheathing under the metal roofing. In cases of renovation and remodelling, one can opt not to remove the existing roofing and install the metal roofing over. It saves you time and money since you will skip a tedious task of removing the old roofing. Plus, you can benefit because it will lessen noise.

Lots of homeowners hate the idea of having metals for roofing thinking that it is vulnerable to dents. Many metal workers today can provide durable and high quality metal roofing that can withstand bad weather (i.e. hail storm). Modern techniques make metal roofing one of the best choice for houses in areas that are frequently visited by hurricanes.

Metal roofing is expensive. This can be a myth if you can find a good supplier and installer of metal roofing. Although it is true that some companies offer metal roofing for higher prices because of its great benefits for the homeowners, it is still possible to find affordable metal roofing. Plus, metal roofing can save you a great amount of money if you will look at the overall expenses of maintaining and replacing conventional roofing. Metal roofing can simply last up to three decades so there should be no expenses for roofing maintenance and repair when you choose metal roofing.

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