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    • avatar Stephanie Richards 2

      I have a 9 month old daughter & I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant with our second which is a baby boy! We wanted 2 close in age :) I used ovulation tests with the second but my first we just DTD everyday in my fertile period xx

      • avatar Incipient Tranquility 1

        You're so lucky to have a surprise baby and a baby on your first proper month of trying. We've been trying to conceive for four years now.

        • avatar Laura Turvey 1

          Not watched the video yet but looking forward to it! As I commented a bit ago we're going to be ttc in August so hearing other people's experiences is great!

          • avatar A Country Mumma - Sarah 2

            'happy sex and baby dust'. I love it. you're so lovely. I conceived my little one whilst on the pill, very unexpected. we want a second but due to medication I am on it's a lengthy process. But hopefully we will get there, it's scary planning it all in advance, almost surreal. x

            • avatar Natasha Hall 1

              I love that you are so open about things. I wish people were more like you.
              I hope that everything goes smoothly for your next bundle of joy!
              Keep doing what you're doing, you're amazing💗

              • avatar Heathersbonnybows 1

                Haha I love you Char your hilarious! When I met my mark (lol) id had my inplant in for 5 years! I had it taken out then I had 1 cycle and bam I was pregnant 🙈 shes now 9 months old which is so crazy!! We want to try for out second next summer so we may be pregnant at the same time! Fingers crossed 😊😷👶🏻 xx

                • avatar lizbethsc69 1

                  Love your vlogs Charlotte. I have a 10yr and a 13yr old both of which were a surprise after 2.5/3yrs of it just not happening! Would have loved another but we stopped there (I also have a 20yr old step daughter!). Feel so lucky to have my kids, despite them being testing some days!😉 Good luck with your No.3 when the time is right xx

                  • avatar Gurj Dharni 2

                    your so funny charlotte bits were going to fall off😂😂

                    • avatar Natasha In Mamaland 0

                      Really enjoy your videos lovely 😊 We are currently trying to conceive for our 2nd baby (our first daughter was a happy surprise) but the depo jab has completely screwed my cycles over 😣. Will definetely be downloading the apps you have recommended! xx

                      • avatar Gurj Dharni 0

                        hi Charlotte i absolutely love all your vlogs. im binge watching you at the moment lol xxx

                        • avatar Abi Saunders 1

                          absolutely love your videos Charlotte. hope to one day meet you. though this video hasn't made me any less broody ;) xx

                          • avatar TheJojones 1

                            I have a 12 and 16 year old , and currently ttc with a 3rd. But now I'm 40 it doesn't seem to be happening 😕I'm sure it will one day! 😩 I hate waiting! 😂😂