My Giant Art and Craft Supply Haul

My Giant Art and Craft Supply Haul

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    • avatar nathalie richard 1

      I just watched this video 2x and have recently invested in bible journaling and stamps and a big kick. I also got some of ur pen recommendations water colours and gelatos. I was wondering if you could make a video of how to do a bible journaling, the same piece but doing it different ways with different materials, like paint gelatos brush pen.

      • avatar MissNoryn Gail 1

        i wish i have all that 😢

        • avatar Jade Stewart 1

          so many awesome things. I appreciate all you do Rebekah, I have bought most of my art supplies based on your recommendation which has saved me lots of money and figuring out what works best. now I can add some more things to my amazon wish list. the class was awesome.

          • avatar not me 1

            Love these kind of videos, especially when you explain what the stuff is used for. Very helpful. Blessing to you and your family

            • avatar Leesah's Cottage 2

              Love, love, LOVE your haul!!! Thank you for sharing! Blessings…

              • avatar Nod Nod 1

                uh this is more than an hour long!

                • avatar cassidy wood 2

                  I wish I could have that much art supplies I have half a box of crayons and most of them are broken 😂😂

                  • avatar Charlotte phillips 1

                    WOW, I will watch as long as you will show them. I have watched all the tutorial on and enjoyed very much.

                    • avatar ARt Personel 2

                      She must have bought the shop!

                      • avatar Happyscrappy45 2

                        I'm really enjoy your haul video it was so informative I'm a newbie to bible journaling and mix media community and it was so good to see all the available craft goodies on one video, this is going under my favorite and I heading over to your blog now and oh I can't wait for your class to start I super duper excited about your good news. TFS Hugs Latanya

                        • avatar José Muylaert 0

                          Wow… what a haul !I was wondering; those calligraphy/lettering books- do you think they will also come in handy when you're lefthanded ?

                          • avatar Know What Mom Knows 1

                            I am VERY Excited for you Rebekah!! You are very talented and I am sure many of us can learn from you in your upcoming educational videos!! Your Teach lessons will be very valuable Indeed!! Great Haul!!
                            From My Channel to Yours, God Bless You!!
                            KNOW WHAT MOM KNOWS
                            Shelly Cole
                            AKA Mom :-)

                            • avatar Julie M 1

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