MUST KNOW! 3 Awesome Tips that Help You Pick the Best Contractors Portland Oregon Offers

Living in Portland Oregon, right across the bridge from Vancouver Wa, there are so many contractors Portland Oregon businesses to choose from that the question can be raised “who can I trust?” Well, I’ve put together some good tips that you can use to, that will not only help you gain the best possible contractor but will also save you money in the long run.

As you will see below, there are 3 basic but essential tips that will help you a lot in your search for a trust worthy contractor. These tips are directed at every contractor, not at one specifically. For example, instead of being only for electrical contractors, these tips are used for any contractor. Maybe you already know them, maybe not, the important thing is you don’t get scammed so be sure to remember each tip by heart on your search for a good contractor.

1. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important tips anybody can receive about a contractor business. Make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. Why is it important they have this? Because, it’s a good beginning for trusting them since in order for them to obtain one they must 1) Have a certain amount of years under their belt in the business. 2) The business must pass two exams, one that qualifies the owner to even have the business, and the other for skill. 3) They need to provide proof of workers compensation insurance and tax licenses Oregon Dept. Revenue for state transaction privilege tax. 4) Also, they must provide proof of Tax Liability Bond, and licenses bond. 5) If this were not enough, they also need to pay a fee, and residential contractors must contribute to the Contractors’ Recovery Fund.

2. If you get a business card from a contractor and it has the prices already figured out on the back, chances are, they aren’t very good contractors. The very best contractors are always ready and willing to prepare a proposal customized specifically to your needs. It should state clearly everything that will/needs to be done and always be sure that they CLEARLY STATE THE PRICE! If it’s a little too pricey for your taste, they should be ready to help you with the budgeting of the work. By this I mean, he should be willing to work with you on design ideas, explain the materials and how using different kinds of materials could change the cost and cost/save you more money.

3. The reputation of a contractor is one of his most prized selling points for trust. The best contractors should be more than eager to share his reputation with future clients. A reputation sticks with a contractor for many many years, if not his entire career. Building a good reputation can take many years, many satisfied clients, and long time relationships with suppliers. If they are as good as they claim, they should be prepared to show you many references, long lists of testimonials from past customers who had projects like yours, and show a history of making the customer happy by finishing jobs in a satisfactory manner.

If you live in Portland Or, then I hope that all these tips will help you better understand some of the best ways to pick contractors. If you implement all of these tips on your search for any contractors Portland Oregon businesses it will will help ensure a satisfied and successful project. As always, be vigilant, be informed and you will always get the best.

Be careful out there Portlanders, be sure Contractors Portland Oregon don’t cheat you. Be sure you are ready, get informed before dealing with Portland Contractors.

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