Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern bathroom lighting depends on a design-savvy mixture of different lighting techniques, lighting fixtures, and placement. Contemporary bathrooms have become more than the simplistic, utilitarian rooms they once were. They have now become spacious, fashionable, and functional havens designed for relaxation, retreat, and comfort. One of the many design concepts in today's bathroom incorporates modern bathroom lighting techniques to produce these effects. Residential Landscape Lighting & Design is on the cutting edge of modern bathroom lighting products and design - a trusted resource for lighting contractors, architects, builders, and homeowners.

When considering a modern bathroom lighting design for your bathroom, it's important to coordinate both fashion and function into it. With the myriad of lighting categories, fixtures, and information we've made readily available to the consumer, your modern bathroom lighting project will be a breeze. The American Lighting Association offers the following tips for modern bathroom lighting renovations:


SHOWER POWER: Modern bathroom lighting in the shower stall should be bright enough to help avoid spills while making shaving and shampooing easier. Choose recessed light fixtures designed for use in wet areas.

TUB TIP: Tubs, like showers, need good general light, which can be provided by a recessed fixture. To avoid glare, aim the light's beam at the outside edge of the tub. Alternately, you may use a recessed bathroom light fixture with fresnal lens.

WINDOW DRESSING: Windows provide natural light to supplement electric options, particularly during the day.

NIGHT BRIGHT: Create a nightlight by illuminating the floor in the toe-space below vanities and cabinets with a linear lighting system.

GET GLOWING: Indirect (or cove) lighting with its hidden light source is purely aesthetic, adding a soft, warm glow to the bathroom.

MIRROR, MIRROR: Good mirror lighting, like that provided by warm fluorescent vertical wall sconces, will provide the even facial illumination necessary for eliminating dark circles and shadows.

VANITY FARE: A halogen light above the vanity provides cross illumination when used in conjunction with wall sconces.

TABLE TOPPER: Table lamps add a soft, human touch to bathrooms. Display them away from water sources--on tables, vanities, or multipurpose bathroom islands found in larger homes.

CEILING FIXTURE: A decorative light fixture suspended from the ceiling provides an elegant touch while adding extra light.

POTTY PANACHE: Focused flood or halogen fixtures over the commode provide good light for water closet reading.

When it comes to creating a modern bathroom lighting motif in your bathroom, it doesn't matter whether your house is new or old. The key consideration involved with any modern bathroom lighting project involves three tantamount concepts that incorporate both indirect and indirect lighting:

Ambient Light
Task Light
Accent Light

Ambient light will provide general illumination, task lighting must be bright enough for you to perform grooming activities, and properly placed accent lighting will highlight different aspects of the bathroom. All three concepts will work together to provide an interesting and inviting atmosphere.

When you first turn on your metal halide light bulb, you might notice that the color seems to be off and it might even change. This will only last for about five to ten minutes and it is quite normal. This happens as a result of the increasing temperature and pressure inside the bulb which are required for full operation. Temperature and pressure are also why you must wait about five to ten minutes after turning off the metal halide lamp before relighting it.

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