Mobile crusher can digest construction waste

   Reporters learned from the relevant data , urban and rural construction demolition of old buildings annually produce 200 million tons of construction waste annually produce 2 billion square meters of new construction waste area 1-1.2 million tons, the number of construction waste annually in total municipal waste has been proportion of up to 40 %. Construction work has been pressing waste , construction waste is becoming the new hot market . How to deal with these construction waste ? What kind of equipment garbage waste disposal needs ? Become a thorny issue and government departments at all levels of the building facing the waste disposal unit .
superfine ball mill production line:

Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant:

   In order to better serve the urban construction waste , VIPEAK Heavy on the basis of years of crushing sand production line equipment research and development , based on the combination of the first to launch mobile crushing station equipment , based on the integration through integrated units, convenient and efficient processing of construction waste crushing realization . After sorting through a particular construction waste removal ferrous iron removal equipment containing substances which , by the rough broken, broken , or crushed crushing processing equipment , processed into a certain size recycled sand and gravel aggregate , mobile crushing and screening station Commonwealth, a large chunk of material for a variety of multi-stage crushing, last used in the roadbed stone, unburned brick , cement admixtures , and many other aspects .
   Urban construction waste , depending on the physical environment around the policy and can be broadly divided into two types :
   First, focus on
   The so-called focus , is the focus of the construction waste to a specific location , sorting and processing of a unified process . According to customers reflect market conditions, VIPEAK Heavy recommendation, you can choose to focus on the construction waste processing equipment , there are two , both can use fixed sets of broken equipment, you can also choose to facilitate the transfer of mobile crushing station combination devices. VIPEAK Heavy mobile crushing station by a set of aggregates production lines , including jaw crusher , impact crusher ( or cone crusher ) , sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor . According to the production process for sand and gravel in the concrete construction waste , waste bricks , stones and other processing process , enabling re-use resources . VIPEAK Heavy years of research and aggregates production line equipment , quality assurance , according to the actual situation , to provide the best design. Another mobile crushing station is based on a combination of aggregate processing equipment main processes, reasonably designed to achieve a variety of crushing, screening equipment, integrated portfolio , track drive by car system or systems , to achieve the overall functionality of the mobile operations , the flexibility choice of the construction site , the material for the timely processing , greatly reducing the cost of transportation and processing of materials , improve production efficiency. From the client situation, a combination of mobile crushing station more in line with customer wishes , VIPEAK Heavy Industries developed dozens of mobile crushing station portfolio models , can maximize to meet different customer needs.
   Second, the dispersion treatment
   For construction waste accumulation less concentrated , or is divided into several regions handled the case , for reducing duplication of equipment purchase , saving overall equipment cost considerations , the most suitable use of mobile crushing processing equipment, namely a combination of new mobile crushing station VIPEAK Heavy Industries developed equipment. With the development of mobile crushing station technology continues to advance , at present, VIPEAK Heavy Industries has achieved a free combination of various models of mobile crushing station equipment , according to the actual needs of the customer , a standard type , closed type , single -and multi-level type and many other combinations modes of mobile crushing plant products to choose from.
   Tire mobile crushing station provides mobile crushing plant and crawler mobile crushing plant two kinds of mode of transportation equipment types , you can easily achieve multi- turn construction sites , efficient and convenient , real customers create more new business opportunities and reduce production costs , a full-service urban construction waste.

   Reporters learned from the relevant data , urban and rural construction demolition of old buildings annually produce 200 million tons of construction waste annually produce 2 billion square meters of new construction waste area 1-1.2 million tons,


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