Minimalism & Motherhood (For Beginners)

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    • avatar Cara Elysia 1

      Love your videos could you do one on why you dislike Disney

      • avatar Ashley & Nichelle 1

        Is the Apple cider vinegar and baking soda good for adult hair as well. I'm looking for an alternative. Also are you going to make a toothpaste video soon? I'm very interested
        Thank you

        • avatar WonderousNow _ 1

          I make dolls, could I send you two crafted to look like your kids (as much as a homemade doll can lol) for them? made of wood and other natural materials. no plastic. if your daughter doesn't want more dolls I can make other stuff too! like a car. or something.

          • avatar Amy Thompson 1

            Thanks for this video! Its especially nice to hear your views on electronics for kids. We have 4 kids and really limit their time and like you said its important to limit your own time as well. Since Ive quit social media, I feel like a human again lol :) ✌💜

            • avatar Kaiya Goldenberg 1

              We don't have a ton of toys because we have a 700 sq foot home, but you inspire me to get rid of a lot of the plastic.

              • avatar Remy Lee 1

                Who is you favorite etsy? (For wood toys)

                • avatar sweetheartedmama 1

                  We have lots of instruments including 3 djembe's and I think I drum on them more then my kiddos 😂 Love music and rhythm that's how we survive in our home

                  • avatar MsStaceyDoll 2

                    Green toys are cool, which ones do you like most?

                    • avatar Melissa Carter 1

                      Loved this sit down talk Amber! We have the same values and I have found so much peace within myself as a mother the more I minimize. I found my ability to remain calm and patient triggered when I would try to make elaborate meals with my 2 year old helping….so I minimized/simplified that aspect too! rice and beans forever baby😂. The one aspect I have trouble with is gifts from grandparents( they are lovely wooden toys for her kitchen) but the send us a box of stuff every few weeks and I just find myself storing them and then rotating them. I know I can donate but I just feel so guilty sometimes. How do you deal with this type of guilt if you experience it?

                      • avatar Amanda Jones 0

                        i love the way you work with your kids. minimal living, not as much as you but thats ok for me, has started helping my daughter. i was also very proud of her yesterday we went to a bbq ans while all the other 3-6 yr old fought over computers my daughter was outside playing in dirt all day. she has a nabi tablet cause it works better for her then flash cards and its been helping with her speech and i was proud of her she played for maybe 10mins then put it down herself and went back to the dirt. i hope she stays in this balance cause i was happy i didnt have to time the tablet play

                        • avatar ali wilson 1

                          great video xxx

                          • avatar Autumn Rose St.Clair 1

                            First of all, you are beautiful! ☺️ The first video of yours I saw was your first playroom tour and I was so inspired, even though I had already begun my minimalist lifestyle. I also avoid plastic and battery operated toys. We have mostly wooden and natural fiber toys but we still have plastic animal figurines, many of which were gifted or thrifted, because I'm still saving up for a wooden Etsy animal set. Your style and ideals are similar to mine and I love watching your videos!

                            • avatar VerenaZyla 1

                              PS: I also let me daughter choose her own clothing and the result is AMAZING! :D

                              • avatar VerenaZyla 1

                                It feels so good to downsize! We just spent a couple of weeks in a tiny camping hut and it reminded me of how little we need and how much time we can save when we have less!!!! I, too, do not buy plastic toys for my daughter and she is happy with whatever she has. Ive started walking through our house a few months ago, choosing things that I dont need/like/want anymore or haven't used for a while and am donating it. It is crazy how much I own! No matter how many boxes I have donated, the house still seems so full! Ive also learned that it is better to have a small, high-quality wardrobe with things you really love than dozens of cheap, similar shirts and trousers.

                                • avatar Mike T 1

                                  What is your zodiac sign? :)

                                  • avatar K Catfish 2

                                    Love love love love love. There is not a single thing I don't do or disagree with. Well bar the minimalist! No plastic, no tv, iPad……mmmmm educational only.

                                    • avatar Bekah Metz 1

                                      amazing….just amazing. i agree with you on everything!