Minecraft Modding Lessons (Beginner)

Minecraft Modding Lessons (Beginner)
Event on 2017-07-13 15:00:00
What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a “sandbox” game by Mojang based on building blocks. It has taken the world by storm as one of the top selling PC games of all time — over 100 million people have registered worldwide. Players traverse vast landscapes of mountains, forests, caves, and various water bodies. Their characters hunt, sail, and farm while constructing homes and objects by breaking and placing blocks in a 3D world. The goal is to survive, or simply invent. Most anything imaginable can be performed in Minecraft. It is the epitome of creativity — limitless opportunity to build, discover, and problem-solve. In recent years, the game has gained traction as an educational tool, acknowledged by many as an important vehicle for engaging kids and teens in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields such as programming, video game design & development. What is Modding? Modding or Mod is a shorthand for Modification. Most Video games can be you can Modified, to change the look of the game, add new things, or completely change the way you play. Because Minecraft is programmed in Java it is fairly easy to modfiy, they even encourage it! Our Goals Our goal is for everyone to learn a basic understanding about what programming looks like and how it works — create a simple mod that they can take home and use as they please and build a base for them to continue modding if they are Interested. How do I sign up? This class is for everyone ages 11 and up. Please register each individual that will be attending the event. Register under your first and last name (not the parent name). Please call the FHPL Youth Services dept if you have registered but are unable to attend and let us know so we can open up the spot(s) for somebody else. We also ask that you do your best to show up 5 minutes before the start of the program to get checked in and on a computer also please show your ticket when you arrive at the door. This will better assist us with patrons who are on standby to get a computer. Also note: If you'd like to keep your Mod please bring a Flash-drive or someform of portable storage. Technical details We will be using the Java edition of Minecraft.To program we'll be using Eclipes Neon.Mods will be written to run in Forge Mod Loader.files will be exported as a '.jar' via Gradlew compiler. Class Instructor Dexter Lowery Questions? Give us a call at (251)-929-1465.

at Fairhope Public Library
501 Fairhope Avenue
Fairhope, United States

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