Millionaire Mailer Mail Review Box $$$- Best Home Based Business to Start in 2017 Millionaire Mailer



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    • avatar Norman Baker 0

      I have a Standard Mail Permit (Bulk) with the Post Office. I can mail letters for .301 cent each. You got a flyer that say 250 for $20.00. Lets see that is .08 cent each. First Class postage is .49 cent. So I send you $20.00 and you're going print my flyers and pay $122.50 to mail my 250 flyers. Fo real? Some how the numbers don't add up. I guess some people believe there is a tooth fairy.

      • avatar Sam Shindler 1

        can u pls send me your flyer about the print and mail service?

        Gayle shindler
        PO box 900134
        Far rockaway, ny 11690