Melrose, seven weeks old

Melrose, seven weeks old
Adoption Foster Care
The Red Apple litter's seventh week was a great week for both us and them. Not only grew they all with more than 100 grams (some even almost 200 grams), but they also saw some people that did not below to their "inner circle".

On thursday they got acquainted with our friend Kirsten. And on Friday they with possibly one of the adoption families that is considering to take care of one (or more) of them.

So far, we have not decided whose going to be available for adoption. They are all so cute and all so fluffy that it is hard to look at them in a factual manner (judging their promise based on the TICA Ragdoll Standard - Given that they are the last litter Apple fostered, we may want to keep them all (!)

Some statistics:
Baldwin grew with 185 grams to 680 grams.
McIntosh grew with 150 grams to 624 grams.
Katy grew with 177 grams to 681 grams.
Melrose grew with 158 grams to 603 grams.
Rachel grew with 151 grams to 740 grams.
Anna grew with 113 grams to 586 grams.
Pippin grew with 188 grams to 628 grams.



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