Maximise the potential of your home: Starting with the Garage

Change is almost always a good thing; it’s a well-known saying that ‘a change is often as good as a rest’. A big change in most people’s lives is when it is time to move home. There are many reasons as to why moving house has to happen, but in nearly all cases it can still be a big drain on time and can become quite stressful. If you are considering moving house it is probably worth considering some alternatives before you jump in.

There are many different reasons people have for wanting to move house, but one of the most popular reasons has to be for more space. This can be a really tough choice if you like the area you live in, but have a real need for extra space, maybe an extra bedroom or area for the children to play in.

If you are lucky enough to have a house with a garage then you may have a ready made solution right under your nose. Most people use their garage for extra storage space or to store their car or motorbike. However, this can usually start with the best intentions, but can over time the garage can quickly become a room filled with all of the items you know you need to throw away but just don’t have the heart to! Or they become the place to store old toys, Christmas decorations and old pieces of furniture, not the best use of the space!

A lot of space can be freed up by clearing the garage. Even if you store your car in there, adding storage to the walls and around the edges of the room should add a fair amount of storage space. By adding specialist hard wearing floor tiles and wall protection, the garage will not only be easier to clean but it will also become much more of a ‘multi-purpose’ room.

Giving your garage a makeover means it can make a perfect home-office, gymnasium or games room. With new flooring and soft furnishings it can be a great play room for children as they will be able to create mess and spill things without the worry of them breaking or ruining anything in the home. Much better that they spill paint on the floor in the garage than all over the television in the living room!

Using heavy duty, secure storage solutions in your garage will also open up the possibility of being able to store more valuable items in your garage. Many spare rooms are filled with golf clubs and racing bikes, add some secure storage to your garage and move them in there. This alone can turn a room in the home into a possible extra bedroom and you can still be safe in the knowledge that your possessions are secure.

In summary, it can be worth thinking about what space can be freed up in your existing home before you decide to move house. The garage is certainly one place where space can be freed up in most homes, but the possibilities may not end there. If you can’t free up any space then you may have to move, but if you like where you live, don’t take it as given that there is only one solution.

Garagetek are a specialist garage makeover company. If you need more information about how you can change your garage floor or storage solution check out their website.

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