MallStars Kids Club Kickoff

MallStars Kids Club Kickoff
Event on 2017-07-15 09:00:00
Are your kids ready for summer fun? Join us as we bug out with the kick off of our MallStars Kids Club and *paint a section of our new butterfly wall mural from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm on Saturday, July 15. Meet us in the hallway between the north and south malls, just outside the interior entrance to the new JCPenney building.

Sign up for our FREE kids club to receive a gift, plus snacks and fun with other kids and parents.

*Be sure to dress your children in clothing that won't get ruined by a little paint!

Thank you to our MallStars sponsor Graycor Construction Company Inc.!

at Northridge Mall
796 Northridge Mall
Salinas, United States



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