main stair stained glass 02 – Stan Hywet

main stair stained glass 02 – Stan Hywet
Interior Design
The landing of the main staircase on the second floor at Stan Hywet (pron. "Stan HEE-wit"; Olde English for "stone hewn"), the manor house built in Akron, Ohio, by F. A. Sieberling (who founded Goodyear Tire & Rubber). It was designed by Cleveland architect Charles Schneider in the Tudor Revival style, and completed in 1915.

Hugo Huber, an interior designer from New York City, decorated the interior. Huber worked closely with family matriarch Gertrude Seiberling on the home’s interior design.

Gertrude wanted the entire home furnished in antiques, but F.A. argued the family needed comfortable, modern furnishings. Huber compromised by selecting Tudor-era antiques as well as contemporary furnishings with an antique look. Huber ensured that everything fit the overall décor of the home. Gertrude accompanied Huber on numerous shopping trips to New York City to identify modern furnishings, and both Sieberlings traveled to Britain with Huber in January 1915 on an antique-buying trip.

The leaded glass was manufactured and installed by Heinigke & Bowen (later known as Heinigke & Smith), while the stained glass was designed, manufactured, and installed by Thorton Smith and Otto Heinigke.

Ninety-five percent of the furnishings in the home belonged to the Sieberlings.

Gertrude died in 1946 and F.A. in 1955. The Sieberling children founded a trust to own, maintain, and manage the house and grounds as a house museum representative of the Gilded Age and Akron’s industrial past.

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