Lowrey’s Roofing Offers Full Roofing Services Throughout The Region

Did you know that a single leak in your roofing can rapidly result in incredible (and incredibly expensive) damage to your house? Fortunately, the solution to roofing problems is both easy and straightforward. The truth is, most older homes have already gone through the life cycle of their roof, and the original setup of the house was never really intended to support roofs past that particular time. Lowrey's Roofing is proud to offer full service on roofs of all shapes and sizes, and acts as an Ottawa roofing contractor that's available when you need one the most.

However, what service is actually the right one for you? In most cases, a re-roofing of the building (whether residential or commercial) is the best way to deal with current and future problems. Spot repairs are possible, but most roofs wear out at about the same rate on any given building, so it probably won't be long before new problems appear. Re-roofing the building can immediately take care of all problems and provide you with a safer, more secure building.

However, there are some specialty locations that Lowrey's Roofing is proud to cover, including the restoration of roofs for heritage and other notable buildings. Dealing with these particular locations can be complex, which is why a lot of companies prefer to avoid them. However, Lowrey's Roofing offers equal service and support for special cases, with an eye to ensuring that the new roof matches the style of the house and is in line with all building codes and special requirements that may be present on the house.

On top of work with heritage sites, we don't believe there's any such thing as a roof that's too large... Which is probably for the best, since locations like churches can have some very large roofs indeed. However, just like every other location, churches occasionally need service and replacement to keep their buildings safe, energy-efficient, and generally supported throughout their final lifetime of service.

In addition to the work available on different structures, Lowrey's Roofing offers each location a variety of options. From steel and sheet metal to tiles, shingles, slate, and more, our professional design team can help select the ideal roof for your budget and visual appearance needs. Each roofing material has its own particular style, and while this is a little too complicated to go into here, you can rest assured that we'll gladly explain any option to you in person before you make your final decision. After all, re-roofing a building is a big project, and we ought to know! You should be completely comfortable with your selection before the work begins, and we work hard to make sure that you're fully informed about all aspects of the project.

Ottawa roofing companies can offer a wide variety of different services, but Lowrey's Roofing remains dedicated to providing the very best. There is no roof too large or complex, even on the oldest and most historical buildings, and all of these services are available to you at fair and highly competitive prices. Don't wait for the weather to damage your home; if you have roofing problems, Lowrey's Roofing come and solve them.

Ottawa roofing companies come in many shapes, but the best Ottawa roofing contractor teams work with Lowrey's Roofing.


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