LOL… is this an Explore/Scout April Fool’s Joke?

LOL… is this an Explore/Scout April Fool’s Joke?
Storage Garage
1. Shoe shopping really is a tough exercise for Sarah. Years of shunning girlyness really comes back to haunt you when presented with those ridiculously small sandal buckles., 2. While waiting for the train Sarah broke into toe stretches to get ready for the day of walking barefoot. My pedometer averaged 8 miles plus per day. My feet hurt just typing that., 3. Sarah contemplates the questionable choices she’s made in life: investing in rare comic book posters instead of the market, eating that truck stop vending machine egg salad sandwich, dating a guy who takes pictures during dinner…, 4. The look I get each time I innocently joke that I may have traded our convention passes for tickets to Six Flags. Sarah has NO sense of humor about those things., 5. "Uh yeah hi, is my stylist in? Great, could you ask her if ‘mango cherry breeze’ or ‘island mist essence’ would be better for my hair?", 6. So easy to use, even a bodiless pair of shins and feet can do it! You could save 15 hours or more with Roomba., 7. Sarah swinging at her old elementary school. She suddenly stopped when she realized she chased down and beat-up her kindergarten crush in that grass and dirt. I wish I could say times have changed…, 8. Sales people on Wednesday night: "Welcome to ‘Shirts ‘R Us! How can I help you?!?" Sunday night: "No we don’t have that in small. Ask me again and I’ll strangle you with this metal hanger.",

9. I give Sarah the camera, thinking maybe she’ll take picture of me. Nope, one picture of her feet on the dashboard then hits the power button. Flickr would be a much different place if Sarah was contagious!, 10. Note that the "Heavenly glow" is not an out of focus, over exposure, over processing on my old camera’s part, rather a metaphysical expression of Sarah’s joy at finding the self she needs to expand her Transformer’s collection., 11. Wrapping Christmas presents is a serious operation. This is generally as close as I want to get to the action. Not because I’m lazy. But because one wrong move and I could find myself under the tree with a bow on my head…., 12. To throw her enemies off her track, Sarah often changes her hair color with a mere thought., 13. "The dress looks sexy Hon. Shall I go ahead and clear out some room in my pockets for your keys and wallet?", 14. Ok… you have GOT to hear the story of why my Girlfriend is dancing. I can’t give it up here, she’s too shy for me to say it. So you’ll have to click on the picture and read the full description for the story. But it involves Sarah,…, 15. Dating Tip #37: When your girlfriend comes into your office, kicks off her flip-flop, puts her foot up on your lapboard, and randomly says "So, what’s up?" There is a pretty good chance she isn’t just making conversation., 16. There is no case of my sore feet that Sarah can’t help out by making me take 4 flights of stairs. I know, she walked around the convention for the whole week barefoot and I’m complaining… but hey… it is just what I do!,

17. NOW IN 3D! “The last thing Sarah’s punching bag sees before it is kicked to the ground” Playing in selected cities this summer., 18. I know what this looks like, but Sarah is not in fact physically repelled by kitchenware., 19. This is either the most boring game of Chicken known to dog or the most improbable "staring game" ever played., 20. "What do you mean you want to hang something on the walls?!? You never mentioned that when we first met! You should have said something before now!", 21. They really shouldn’t put those mini power polls so close to a swing set. When people like my girlfriend swing barefoot splinter danger is at an all-time high. She finally learned her lesson though.=), 22. Bottle opening continues. Does this look like a road construction crew to anyone?, 23. A date w/ a geek 03: In my continuing series of observations on the opposite sex I have to point out the "Winter on the top, summer with the feet" approach to Sarah’s attire. You think THIS is weird, try laying under a blanket with her!, 24. I think the secret is out… She wore her 80s TMNT hoodie to my parent’s house. My family knows I’m dating a geek.=),

25. "Welcome back to Wheel of Fortune. The category is ‘Before and After.’" "Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle: ‘Bare Foot Ball’", 26. The start of a "small" water change. A big one before the hurricane was more like 30 buckets. It is a wonder Sarah and I didn’t look like He-Man action figures just from lugging buckets., 27. You might want to sit down for this. I have several pictures of Sarah wearing both a skirt AND pantyhose! Still no purse, bra, or makeup… but she gets girl points for that right?=), 28. More evidence for why I should have been kept away from Aperture Priority and different F stops before I got a DSLR., 29. Frustrated with English, Sarah breaks into a mime routine to remind me to take out the trash., 30. My girlfriend uses her super powers to mess with my camera more than fight for truth, justice, and the American way. In this case she chose to phase in right by me as I took this shot., 31. So it costs 5 bucks for a large bottle of water at a football game in a town with a dramatic EXCESS of water at least once a year. By that standard, how much would stadium water cost in a desert?, 32. Sarah frowns when she realizes all the really GOOD toys are on the top shelf. Oh the joys of being three and a half feet tall. I guess going barefoot all the time doesn’t help either…,

33. Are 1980s brown loafers REALLY back in style now? Wow… you learn so much from visiting a college campus. I am NOT getting my Members Only Jacket back out of storage. NO! BAD FASHION DESIGNERS!, 34. "Hey Chuck… this broad wants a super hero shirt… do we have any of those in the back?", 35. She’s lost in thought; I’m lost on the map!, 36. Rare footage of a geek/tom boy at the Houston Galleria parking garage. Her species is usually repelled by girl things like shopping. This is indeed a truly rare capture!, 37. *SIGH* Sarah sure spends a lot of time getting pedicures. Something tells me mud and gook are part of the cause for that!, 38. Sarah calmly explains the details of Oan Power Batteries and the Green Lantern Corps. I don’t think anyone at these parties knows she is a geek. I mean… how would they know? Really?, 39. Sarah getting Rock Band ready to go. She would have been much quicker with this, but she was a bit thrown off by the pinkish Wii-mote cover. Pink is her kryptonite., 40. Walking down the sidewalk on our way home from getting the pizza.,

41. As usual the dogs go to Sarah for comfort and relief from their costumes. Is this the same phenomena as hostages bonding with their captors? One more question for dog psychologists to tackle., 42. You know you are officially a couple when your girlfriend comes over to help you move into a new apartment…. not to be nice or to help out, but to make sure you leave enough room on your shelves for her stuff!, 43. A date w/ a geek 02: When you are going out on a date with a geek, you can’t leave for a night out without checking email. SEXY! Geek girlfriend…=), 44. A shot of Sarah I and leaving to run some errands, her begrudgingly allowing a photo, while I fumble for my car keys. We live a complicated life, particularly in terms of sentence structure., 45. Hm… three dogs are sitting in a row as commanded… must be pancake time., 46. Even with her mom walking right beside her, Sarah callously steps on a crack and breaks her mother’s back. She is SOOO inconsiderate!, 47. I thought I might have to reboot her. She just kept staring at herself in those sandals. Guess she’s not used to being tall. The air IS thinner up here., 48. Known for her patience with frustrating tasks, Sarah is often put on bottle opening duty. That went well!,

49. How many girlfriends would let all these model kit parts, paint, and tools stay on the kitchen table like this? Uh… maybe this one since it is HERS! I think I should get to move more of my bachelor pad stuff in from the garage., 50. And so it beings anew… The mad rush to collect all 5 covers of the 1983 special edition Batman comic., 51. Sarah putting on a brave face during last minute Christmas shopping a few years ago. Really… she did great. Only two people died and JC Penny finally lifted the ban on her concealed sword. Life is good., 52. Girls are weird. This was shot last November (probably pretty cold out). Sarah is wearing like 5 layers of shirts on top, but she has on shorts and is barefoot. How is it that much warmer below her hips?!?, 53. Sarah doing her impression of a hood ornament. It is either that or the scene in Titanic at the front of the ship. Either way, she’s doing her majestic posing best!, 54. Khaos is pretty sure the leash wants to eat her. Meanwhile, for the first time, Pokey discovers Sarah paints her toe nails. Getting ready for a walk is complicated when you are a dog., 55. She got a flat tire., 56. Not shockingly the geek crowd doesn’t really make use of the smoking porches. But they do make a good place for a quieter phone call spot.,

57. Still annoyed from our football team’s performance the day before, Sarah started randomly demonstrating the proper procedure for signaling a "fair catch.", 58. Legend has it that Elvis Presley wrote "Blue suede shoes" because men would notice they were standing next to him at urinals in public bathrooms. They would turn to say something and forget what they were doing…, 59. Sarah might be able to survive on cherries and cold cereal alone., 60. "Hon, I know your glasses make you look nerdy, but you’re not even CLOSE to that pin!", 61. As with the busses, on certain Saturdays in College Station, all crowds point to one destination. Well, assuming those crowds are dressed somewhat the same way as us., 62. This is a game!, 63. When your tastes lean toward comic books and other "boy" things, you have to get creative when shopping for shirts. But rather than learning to sew and screen-print, Sarah spends a lot of time in the boy’s section of the store., 64. Dirty feet are an obvious outcome of going barefoot all day. A surprising outcome: how much Sarah likes to terrorize me by randomly touching me with her feet. My girlfriend is an odd bird…,

65. Restaurant tables really should come with camera tri-pods installed. This self portrait sort of looks like I’m trying to get someone else into the picture., 66. “This is going to be one of those weeks at work… do you think people would be able to smell tequila through this lid?”, 67. Sarah before an Aggie football game. She’s a non-conformist. See? She’s NOT wearing maroon pants!, 68. It is a long walk to the nosebleed section of Kyle Field. We only made it because we traded for a bottle of oxygen at the first base camp (located just below the first deck ramp)., 69. "Hey Charlie, what is that up there?" "No idea Zoe, but I want it." "Me too, now how do we get it?" "Not sure, it’s pretty high. Let’s give the humans puppy dog eyes." "WHAT? No way, KITTEN eyes!" "Puppy dog eyes!", 70. The boot-up cycle for this model of girlfriend is quite slow. There is a full minute of silent blinking. That is followed by 4 or 5 minutes of aimless walking around/bumping into things., 71. "Measure twice, cut onc… wait, MEASURE?!?" Yeah… Sarah is more of a "wing it" kind of girl., 72. It really doesn’t matter what position they are in, or what they are doing. A Cavalier is always willing to look up and pose. Now… how do I train Sarah to do that…

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