Letting Residential Interior Design Reflect You

It’s an exciting day when you make the call to have professionals come in and help you with residential interior design. There’s nothing better than having an expert eye who can give you suggestions and really turn your home into something amazing. It’s also a lot easier to have someone who can help you pick out furniture, paint colors, accessories and other accent pieces and trust their word that they know what they are talking about.

But when you do decide to redo your residential interior design, you can’t forget that, essentially, your home is a reflection of you. When someone new enters it, they take into account the things they see as parts of yourself. If you decorate with African influences, they may think that you like the more tribal, outdoor feel. Or maybe they’ll insinuate you have visited and enjoyed it so much, you wanted to take that experience back home with you. If you tend to accent the room with seashells, a lighthouse statue and choose a calming blue paint for the walls, they’ll assume you love the beach and the ocean.

When deciding on how you want your home to be, it’s important to explain to the team you work with that you want it to really show off who you are. Whether that means the entire home coming together as a cohesive whole thematically, or that you want to reflect vastly different sides of yourself in different rooms, you need to have a semblance of what you want. Even if you don’t, they may ask you some questions about what things you enjoy, your favorite colors, and the kind of vibe you want to give off. Do you want your home to seem cheery or maybe more relaxed? Do you love the idea of having sharp, modern decor or something easier on the eyes? They can really work around just about any suggestion you give them.

And just as it’s important to know what you want, it is also important to know what you don’t. If you absolutely hate a certain kind of style, or never want to see anything with stripes in a single room, say it. You should never settle for something you wouldn’t like just because it otherwise seems to fit in with a theme. Change things to make them truly yours. There’s nothing better than taking a theme and making it different!

B. Pila Design Studio is an accoladed residential interior design and commercial interior design firm.

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